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It’s June and I feel like I should really own a cinema. It just makes perfect sense you know. With the kind of money they make, I really can do a lot after owning a cinema. Yes, 6 months into the year and movie makers and definitely cinema owners are already smiling to the bank.

Don’t think I’d do this again in December! I strongly advice you go see the movies lined up for the other half. I really don’t know how nice they’d get.

Let’s skip to the part where the world got its first thriller. That was in February. Black Panther took the world by storm, especially black folks around the world.  We spent our whole lives watching light skinned super heroes take center stage at the cinemas so that when a black super hero final came along it seemed just too good to be true. Black Panther was spectacular! I was amazed at how receptive we actually were to the movie. It all begins in Wakanda where T’chala ascends the throne of his father as king of Wakanda with the intent of maintaining the secrecy of the thriving kingdom. He is opposed by his cousin who is keen about selling Wakandan weaponry to the world. While in the end T’chala fights to maintain peace between his people and the outside world, he changes his mindset toward helping develop the world.

Another blockbuster was Gringo. It was so Nigerian even though it was from Hollywood. We saw David Oyelowo play as a Nigerian. True, we have many Nigerians who take on roles in Hollywood movies but they never play as Nigerians, but in Gringo it is different. The movie brings to our eyes the misery of Nigerians who travel abroad in search of a better life. Being trapped in the middle of a Mexican drug trade makes it even miserable but then again, David just knew how to make us laugh.

Then, again, Marvel delivered their second package –Avengers Infinity War. This movie had everyone rushing to the cinema. No jokes! I remember some guys insisted they would sit on the stairs. The anticipation was incredible and when it finally landed, it was just awesome! Infact we had more than we bargained for. The surprises and suspense, the near miss, the annoying characters, they just made the movie a delight. Then just after a breath-taking fight with Thanos, the greatest villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers lose and more than 4 billion humans die. Sad right? Well that was what Marvel gave us.


In our darkest moment however, marvel still gave us a ray of hope; the Avengers would be back next year! Perhaps someone will undo all the damage Thanos did.

Another sci-fi movie that tore through the first half of the year was Rampage. From giant gorrilas to killer wolves. I think I should add that the movie also featured an almost immortal monstrous crocodile. Then there was also a giant of a man. Dwayne Johnson took center stage in Rampage as Dr. Davis Okoye, a primatologist who is specially fond of an albino gorilla. One night, his gorilla stumbles upon a pathogen that ferociously increased his size and aggression. The same pathogen finds a wolf and crocodile.

You can guess what happens next. Monsters take over the city and Dr. Davis has to “go save the world.” He reclaims his gorilla and together they battle a flying wolf and hideous crocodile.

Marvel had a third package to deliver. The second coming of His Menace, Lord Deadpool! With Deadpool2, marvel ended the first half of the year amazingly well. This time, the maniac had company. His new recruit and the guy from the future gave us a good laugh. More than just the fun and thrill, we still get positive lessons to learn. Deadpool starts by saying it’s a family movie and maybe somehow so. The lesson however is that we can make whoever we want to be family and then we can make them matter.

If you get to see Deadpool2, please don’t go immediately after the end credit scene. I made that mistake and I regretted it. I still do!

Deadpool goes back in time to when Ryan Reynolds got his Green Lantern script and just before he could begin reading it, he puts a bullet in Ryan’s head. He does same for experiment ‘x’ in Wolverine; The origin. Pretty much, Deadpool is on a quest to erase all the horrible movies Ryan Reynold ever acted. Wait till you find out who really acted Deadpool. Same crazy Ryan! I guess I need a time machine too.

There you go folks, all the best from the first half of 2018. If you didn’t see any of those movies, you need to find them. Either ways, you should brace up for the second half. Ant-man and the Wasp would hit you like you didn’t see it coming. You’ve been warned! Then again, I’d be here to catch you if you fall.

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