Lagos is "amazeballs".

Apparently that is a little thing I learnt..." /> Rufus And Bee; The Review - Lagos City Review


Published on June 21st, 2018 | by Temileyi Iwelu


Rufus And Bee; The Review

Lagos is “amazeballs”.

Apparently that is a little thing I learnt from watching Nickelodeon. The variety of amazing places in Lagos can make you spend your idle cash and even your feeding allowance in the blink of an eye.

Enough of my rant, if you have not been to Rufus and Bee, then I think you should be as stale as my lovely grandma!

Rufus and Bee is like the ultimate Eat, Drink and Play shop of the century. it is a full restaurant and a Video Arcade. Just like the Game Shakers lounge on Nickelodeon, Rufus and Bee has a lot of games waiting for you! All you have to do is buy your Buzz card and win tickets which you can exchange for exciting gifts. You can buy points as low as N5,000 and as high as N30,000.The games include the very popular Candy Crush, Whack and Win, Star Wars, Hot Shot, Angry Birds and a four-way car racing game if you or your crew feels the need for speed!

Lagosians are usually looking for hang out spots, Rufus and Bee provides a full service restaurant where meals can be bought. And apart from the regular meals, there are amazing varieties of appetizers and desserts. You need to taste the “Golden Fingers” which is the cripsy fried chicken with French Fries or the Twin waters pizza which is filled with cheese,pepperoni, sausage and its even topped with more sausage. You can get amazing dishes for as low as N2000. This restaurant can be used for private events, social crowds or family gatherings. They also have an amazing sport bar where they serve delicious cocktails and it serves as a viewing center.

So, rush down to Rufus and bee and experience the full package.


Location: 121 Twin Waters , Oniru estate, Lekki

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  1. Chiagoziem says:

    Hmmm, sounds interesting

  2. Sophie says:

    I guess i’ll go and spend my feeding allowance there ,🙂nice review 👍🏼👌🏽

  3. Deji says:

    Nice one Temileyi

  4. Laila says:

    I’m definitely going👅👅

  5. Kelvin says:

    Nice review. I just might spend my allowance there lol

  6. Larney says:

    I saw your post yesterday… I have been wishing to go but seems it’s expensive

  7. Jerry says:

    Anazing review!!!

  8. EponMaalu says:

    Awesome piece!!!

  9. Leon says:

    Write up makes it So Inviting

  10. Shorey says:

    Awesome stuff you’ve got here. Would try it out soon!

  11. Shorey says:

    Awesome stuff you’ve got here! Would try it out soon.

  12. Laholuarts says:

    Nice 😉

  13. Chukwuka says:

    Nice post! I almost can’t wait to get to Rufus and Bee now!

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  15. Bolajoko says:

    I can’t wait to go again🎉

  16. Bolajoko says:

    Can’t wait to go there again🌝

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