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You should Visit Fofina Beach Resort

Lagos is one busy place but yet, with all the activities, there are still so many places to cool off your head. One of these places is Fofina beach.

Fofina beach is one of the fine places to visit in Lagos. Located in Eti -Osa Lekki, I’m sorry but it is not exactly a short distance journey. Make sure your fuel is loaded on your way and you’re ready for the ride! Fofina beach is a private and reserved beach with a very beautiful view.

There is a parking lots for your vehicles. There’s also a nice building where you can relax and take a drink or two. You can also watch the beach and enjoy nature from where you are. A well equipped toilet/changing room is also available. Asides the beach, there’s also vegetation where the palm trees and coconut trees lie. It’s a great spot for pictures too. Talk about all shades of nature!

Still on the topic of relaxation, the beach offers a play spot with swings for fun. With a hat on your head, cocktail in your hands and seated on a swing moving slowly as you sip and watch the waves at the beach. Hmmm! Great experience! Something to take your mind off the hustle and bustle. In all, Fofina beach is one great place to spend quality time with your loved ones. And it’s a place that adds to your Lagos experience.

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