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6 Fashion Myths Lagosians Need To Trash.

Ladies let us all sit at this roundtable I am about to shake, and for those on the table you
may fall,we’ve been fooled to believe that there is such a thing as a fashion rule. We’ve been
told over and over again that there are certain indispensable “essentials” that must be apart of
every wardrobe. We’ve been told that we’re not capable of dressing ourselves–that we need
experts in the fashion industry to help us out. Here’s the truth: our closets are our closets. They
can be however large or small we choose. Our staples are our staples, they have to fit our
lifestyle, climate, and needs. Our likes are our likes and no”myth or rule” should restrict us.
Confidence and a tailor for perfect fit is all you need.
Just to mention some of the most common myths here in Nigeria:-
Myth#1:Your Bag Should Match Your Shoes

We’re all for freedom of choice, so if you want to wear a red bag and red shoes, we certainly
wouldn’t stop you but you don’t have to abide by this order every single time you get dressed. A
playful mix of accessories always elevates a look. Have fun!

Myth#2:No Mixing Prints

From stripes and polka dots to leopard and paisley, print mixing was hands down one of the
most popular street style trends of the last few seasons. If you love prints don’t be scared to
combine. Style really is about breaking the rules.

MYTH#3: You should invest in timeless classics, not trends.

You should spend the most on the pieces you like the most and will wear the most. Besides,
“classic” pieces like trenchcoats, black pumps, and LBDs will always be there—atleast if you
don’t spend a ton of money on them, you won’t be devastated when they wear out and have to
be replaced.

MYTH#4:You should only show skin on top or bottom. Showing skin in both
places looks trashy.

“Trashiness “has alot more to do with how you act and style yourself than how much skin you
choose to show. Take Rihanna, for instance; her dress at the 2014 CFDA Awards showed all her
skin,and yet, it was probably one of the most elegant and sophisticated outfit she has ever
worn,and hands-down the most gorgeous outfit of the night.

MYTH#5:High heels are more sophisticated than flats.

Walk into any mall shoe store and you are bound to find plenty of high heels that bust this myth
wide open. True, high heels do change the way you carry yourself,but you can alter your posture
without raising the height of your shoes. Shoulders back,chin up,chest out—that’s all it takes.
You can even do it barefoot.

Myth#6:you must be rich to look cool/classic.

This is one of the biggest lies being sold in Nigeria. With a little effort you can look like a bag of
dollars in thrifted pieces. Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality, it’s on you to know the
difference between what’s worth your money and what isn’t. The first step is being able to tell
the difference between something that looks cheap and something that looks expensive, be it
clothing, shoes, jewelry, or handbags. Next, you have to educate yourself about the differences
between high-quality and low-quality materials and constructions. It’s not easy, but if you care
about getting the biggest bang for your buck, it’s well worth your time
Ladies this table of myths were set by people, it may have worked for them but it doesn’t
necessarily have to work for you, invest your time in finding your personal formula,remember
your likes are your likes and no”myth or rule” should restrict you. Confidence and a tailor for
perfect fit is all you need.

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