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Your Fashion Emergency Kit. 13 essentials For Every Lagos Sisi.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? A broken heel, stained clothes? That feeling of embarrassment wishing the floor will open and just swallow us up, yea the feeling is familiar. What happened? What did you do that day? For me it was the straps of my heels that came off, good thing I had some tack pins in my purse, you can be sure I didn’t dance at that wedding, and tack pins never left my hand bag lol.

With the roads , Amala and ewedu at a wedding to the hot sun or unprecedented  rain to the traffic or when rushing to work there are a lot of major fashion problems related to each of them, that is why a fashion emergency kit is crucial in your handbag.


1 Thread and needle

2 Pins( office, safety and hair pins)

3 glue( shoe/leash)

4 wipes

5 Comb.

6 Moisturizer

7 Powder

8 Lipstick

9 Rubber band

10 Extra pair of earrings.

11 Sunglasses

12  Handfan.

13 Sanitary pad

Ladies personalize this list, according to your outfit, occasion and size of your bag. These items will fit perfectly in a small purse while helping you out in your times of need.

What else would you add to your emergency kit? Leave a comment.

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