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Lagos Wants The Stylish You!

 Everyone wants to look good, feel confident, look attractive, from the cobbled streets to the not so fantastic roads, we all have our ideas of Lagos! There’s something about Lagosians that makes you want to run into your closets and return dressed like a celebrity that is why in Lagos you see a lot of people try to imitate others style or even follow  the  trends they are not so comfortable in.
There is an intimate affair that exists in Lagos with fashion and style. It is a strong avenue for self-expression and a committed way of life reflected through our culture, daily encounters, happenings, leisure, and experiences. The opportunities to cultivate fashion as a lifestyle are endless in Lagos because there isn’t a week or weekend short of an occasion to attend. We have always appreciated the  versatility that exists with deciding to adorn oneself with garments richly buried in customs, cultural affiliations, and heritage to attend a traditional wedding, versus wearing a tailored skirt suit or modern shift dress to attend a product launch event, most people get tempted to strictly follow the dressing of others, you can take these tips that we have been able to gather  from leading fashion influecers so whichever way you want to be dressed take note of these tips and be yourself :-

#1 Be comfortable in it

This cannot be over emphasized, it makes no sense if you wear something and you restrict yourself or start acting funny. If you are extroverted, sexy, and playful show it. Let your personality reflect in your clothes. Feel sexy? show some skin, for instance. Just make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

#2 Add some colours

In the city of Lagos, you need a splash of colour to add an extra spice to your look. This one is easy since our Ankara is always colorful, wear a two piece and you would be good to go. Black is great but avoid dark colours if you can especially due to the sun but on cold days, wear a dark apparel for a warmer feel.

#3 You are Your Shoes

Your feet deserves so much for all the walks in the big city. Get yourself ready for the day, would you be trekking alot? Wear some flats or wedge sandals, I wouldn’t advice you to wear pumps you know our roads are not so fantastic. From heels to flats, make sure you wear shoes that match!

#4 Bag It All Up

We know that with the hustle and bustle of the Lagos life, you wouldn’t dare own clutches alone! Where else do you expect to throw in your makeup, handkerchiefs and lady-things? Don’t fallfall for the trap of having so many bags and nylon bags, this will make all the other tips useless because you would look messy. Get a stylish bag today! One that takes all you need to have.

#5     perfect fit.
Have a tailor’s number. Adjusting an ill fitting shirt or dress would cost about 500 to 1000 naira, getting  the right fit can boost any outfit. You can just make the adjustments yourself, there are an endless number of tutorials online.

You can look better than a celebrity on the streets of Lagos just follow our tips and Stay tuned as we bring you more fashion juice.


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