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Youth Hangout 2.0: What Went Down

The Youth Hangout v2.0 which was a sequel to the mad party which held last year and also a medium to raise awareness for the upcoming “Lagos Youth Fest” held last week Friday on the 22nd of June, 2018.

This event though was a far cry from successful, it did have its good sides and its “flop” could be attributed to the poor choice of date as that was the day Nigeria played against Iceland in the world cup knockout stage.

Well this event which was slated for 1PM did not fully start until 4PM and still had people focusing on the match than the event itself and this did frustrate the organizer. Club scandal was the selected venue, although a good choice due to its indoor setting, enclosed spaces for chills and dances, you know the rest yeah. So basically turn up was weak at the start as people just started showing up after the match when it was expected to have ended yeah so overall the Youth Hangout v2.0 unlike its predecessor did not go well, it was dull in all aspects, no fun at all with guys just “getting high” on their own supply, everybody keeping to themselves and worse still no performances worth speaking about because yeah, the match. So, if you were hoping to have been at The Youth hangout v2.0 thinking you missed, I assure you, you were better off sitting in your house doing nothing.

Altogether the organizer who goes by the name “Freezy” did try his best but it seems it just wasn’t good enough and to just clarify, the event was on a down low not because of his incompetence but because nothing’s hotter than Nigeria’s match.

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