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Omu Resort; A Jewel In A Busy Metropolis

Omu resort disbands one of the greatest misconceptions about Lagos. Many people believe Lagos is all about high buildings and frustrating traffic. However, when we finally decide to look a little closer, stare a little longer, we see the brilliant glow of a jewel. Hide-away resorts actually litter our landscape, one of them, the Omu resort.

Located in Lekki which is famed for its many beaches and atlantic shores, Omu resort is a treasure stashed away. You can find the exact location at the end of this review. Today seems like a good day for you, as we are helping you find it!
You see the awesome thing about this place is the many things it just gives you. I’m sure you would have 7 different relaxation centres if you tear Omu resort apart as it just happens to be an amalgamation of many things tied to one beautiful piece. The list of awesome stuffs you’d find at the resort is endless. I think it’s safer to put it that way.

Here’s What’s In For You

I know they have an amusement park, actually found out the hard way. Their rides and somewhat Ferris Wheel experience is out of this world. A word of caution just before you get on the ride; please make sure you are prepared for it. You don’t want to go on it unprepared, like me.

What’s a zoo without a Lion? I actually asked that question when i visited a zoo sometime last year and was told the last Lion died 4 years ago. Well the good thing is, with Omu resort, you’d never have to ask that question. You can actually see a living Lion and if you’re there at the right time, you may even get to see it feed. You can only imagine the experience seeing the apex predator feed. Good thing is you just can’t be the food as their bars and restriction systems are top-notch.

For the high class gentlemen, a golf course is at your service just in case you want to swing a shoulder.
Your experience is never complete without racing it out on the tracks. Go karting just got better at Omu resort. I’d always like to think of it as formula1 even though the ‘cars’ are slower and evidently safer, but you still feel the rush and thrill of steering through curves and bends.

Towards the end of 2018, they will be unveiling a Butterfly sanctuary, the largest collection of Butterflies in Africa.
When you finally get hungry and tired, be sure to pick from an array of assorted refreshments. It works like the barter system, you exchange cash for food. Makes perfect sense.

In the end, you would have gotten the value of a trip to at least 5 different resorts all in one. That is why at LagosCityReview we are giving you insight into Omu resort; a jewel in a metropolis.

Location; Bojije Town, almost opposite Lakowe Lakes Golfcourse, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos

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