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Published on July 13th, 2018 | by Dami Wande


Drinks To Fire

A few more drinks.

Ok… after this one.

No…after this.

12 shots down the line, I was screaming on top of my voice, jamming hard to the songs from the speakers.

I have no idea what song it was but I do know I got there ’cause the question “when last did you let your hair down?” Hit me hard when a couple of friends came over and it’s the reason I was at the club drunk.

Okay, I’d known back from my IT experience that working in Lagos was dramatic stress but I forgot all about it since we didn’t have to continue working in our fourth year.

I was a good two shoes working at Benson’s Sons at Lekki phase four, Lagos Nigeria back in my third year, so I was retained.

We made a deal that when I was done with school, I’d resume school immediately. Of course, there was service and all that but…skip skip skip.

I had to get up at 5am every morning to be ready for 6/6:30am and make my way to the office for 9. Yes it takes me approximately 4hours on a good day to get to the office.

I mean it’s Lagos, right?

Traffic, the screams of angry lagosians, the aggressive danfo drivers, the smell of whatever the roadside kitchens we’re cooking… you just have to love it. Psych!!!!!

My boss was the one who really got on my nerves. If not for the pay which by the way, is breathtaking, I would have walked away.

I’m only half his age. Exact half!!!

He’s fourty…too old for me.

We’d have unnecessary board meetings just to have me at the same table as his without raising eyebrows.

I’m his P.A.

My boss, Mr Reginald Benson, is an egotistical, self-centered, psychotic, handsome, incredibly fascinating and witty man.


I was drilled day in day out work not because I was the only one that worked there but because it was my punishment for turning down Mr. Reginald’s offers.

I can’t possibly marry someone I can’t date. Someone who’s twenty years older than I am.

Wondering how this is related to me getting drunk?

Well!!! Let’s just say I should have walked away while I could.

Everyone except security had left for the day but I had some paperwork to do.

Well… I thought everyone had left. I was so buried in my work.

I shuddered at the sound of a familiar sound.

The only reason I was comfortable waiting behind alone was because I thought I was alone.

He was around.

I got called up to his office which by the way is amazing, has the most perfect interior decorations.

“Shut the door, Wummi” I did as I was instructed.

This was it.

My body wanted what my soul couldn’t handle.

Every part of me responded to his touch.

I even reached for his lips for air when I ran out.

At that point,

We were one.

I was moist,

I was longing,

I was expectant,

I fought what I wanted.

Each initial “stop” was confusion.

I questioned myself.

“What are you doing?”

How could I want something so forbidden?

How could I yearn for such at a time like this?

The one thing I had been running away from for months was here.

I couldn’t understand myself on my way home.

Next day, I was in the office, early bird.

My things were packed up in a box on my desk and a Manila file was sitting on top of it.

I had just been fired.

He was done.

He’d gotten what he wanted.

I got a couple of friends come cheer me up and there we were…”letting our hair down”.

Funny enough, my deepest regret in all of this would be the headache I’m going to wake up to in the morning.

Not the missed hours of sleep or the unnecessary hours wasted in traffic or the Hangouts I bailed out on…

Lol… honestly.

Not everyone in traffic is out to make money.

Some are out for breakfast literally. Wink

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