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Published on July 13th, 2018 | by Dami Wande


Lagos Night Life On A Friday

So I’ve got Reekado Banks in my ears and for some reason, the DJ thought it’d be nice roll in some Soco vibe.
Hmmm…not bad…not bad.
Nice choice for a mix.
Yes, I listen to radio.
It’s the least I could do after not doing the regular “put on some heels and make up and head on out”.
We all know Lagos comes alive at night but it’s Friday that lives the most.
Excuse me (bums head)… I have no idea what song this is but it’s definitely great. It’s not English but it’s great regardless.
Done with that.
Whether you are behind a wheel, in the office or on your bed like me, you should be having fun. It’s Friday in our city, Lagos!!!
Incase you are wondering, what you are reading, you are in the Lifestyle Section of the Lagos City Review.
I am Dami Wande.
I’d be running my fingers through a list I made.
It’s a list of fun things to do on a Friday night in Lagos that is.
Run with me?
So first off, I am a great fan of space and fresh air, I don’t know about you but number one on my list is “A visit to the beach” a private one preferably.
It’s the kind of thing that takes your mind off of things after a really long, exhausting week.
So let your hair down, let the late night sea breeze Make out with your hair, leaving you refreshed for the new week.
Grab a drink while you are at it. Trust me, works like a charm 👌
Well…if you are a guy…lol… you know what I mean, just let loose and forget all about work.
Second thing on my list is “Late Night Movie”.
I’m not so big on movies but this was something I just recently tried and trust me it’s a “must do” if you can’t deal with crowd like me.
This is a something that’s not overpriced, I mean you get to finally stretch your legs out after a long day at work and ease off the stress.
You could call out that special someone (or that girl that has been on your mind for a while but work y’know) if you are in need of company.
You really should head on to the websites of your favorite cinemas to have more information on this function.
Next up, “Mini Get-togethers”. These probably seem like stress but trust me they are not. Go all old-fashioned and grab a couple of blankets, have Everyone in the living room, grab ice cream or pizza or snacks (what’s a get together without food, right?) see a movie or talk about sport, watch a little sports (it’s world cup season, catch up on missed matches), play some video games or something…really it’s just all about what works for you. Catching up is always fun, have good laughs and a nice sleep at the end of it all.
Wake up and thank me!
Maybe the last three don’t seem like they’d work for you, here’s something for those that are the total opposite of me.
I’ve had my fair share of partying, if you ask me but then again, partying seems to be something that Lagos seems to be known for. It’s been here for ages and probably won’t die out.
I don’t see how this eases out stress personally but for the benefit of every other person that thinks otherwise.
Whether it’s the Island or mainland, my advice most definitely to you if this is your choice is to be safe, don’t drink and drive, don’t overspend!!! Remember the key is to relax, not wake up and have hypertension the next morning.
I’m dropping just five today, not Top 5 just a random five. For a quick recap, I made a list of things to do in Lagos on a Friday night.
A visit to the beach
Late Night Movie
Mini get-togethers
Party hard!!!
Now for the last one for today, “Karaoke”. Music is therapeutic. It’s better than any pill you could think of popping to “aid relaxation”. In my next post, I’d drop a list of karaoke bars for the karaoke fans on here.
I’d also be completing my list. Please be safe and stay off stress. Make, spend money, just don’t lose it. If it’s overspent, it’s lost. Be smart.
See you at the next one.

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