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Acrimony In A Honest Review

No movie activated the senses of females around the world in 2018 like Acrimony. In a honest review, we take a critical look at the script and join our voices to the roar of millions who give their own interpretation to the 2018 ‘reality’ movie. You should pay attention though, ours is simply a honest review.

The Plot

Acrimony tells the story of a vengeful wife who goes way back in time to when she fell into the terrible waters of love. It began with getting a helping hand with a course in school to falling neck-deep in love with a student who claimed to have a vision.
Shortly after her mother’s death, a proceed of more than 350,000 begins to dwindle, first on tuition for her boyfriend, then a car. On a steady decline the funds will depreciate till young Melinda runs into debt.
Along the way, still in their unmarried state, Melinda strongly feels Robert is ignoring her, or maybe even cheating and so she takes a wide drive to his cabin only to find him cheating on her.
With unbridled rage, she drives her vehicle into his cabin several times ultimately hurting herself and losing the ability to conceive children.
Still she continues with the relationship and even progresses to marriage evidently without the support of her siblings who see Robert as simply an opportunist.
Frustrated and sinking in debt, Melinda gets a job and advises her husband to do same, he however diverts funds and energy to the invention of a self-recharging battery.
When it is clear that the batteries would only bring more misery to the couple, Robert joins Melinda’s brother in-laws with truck delivery.
Finally, he meets a financier through Diana who agrees to give him $800,000 as the price for his intellectual ownership. He refuses and insists he would keep the license to his work.
He returns home to Melinda who already had taken up the position of the Devil. She again accuses him of cheating on her with Diana after her siblings found her wallet in Robert’s truck. She kicks him out of the house which she eventually loses after failing to meet up with the Mortgage requirement.
Homeless, Robert finds shelter in a shelter for homeless people. He finds employment in a restaurant as a dishwasher where Melinda sees him while on a date with her ex-boyfriend Devon.
Diana finds him and takes him to her place where she presents him with a document offering him a multi-million dollar deal from the previous financier. This time, he gets to keep the intellectual ownership of the battery technology.
He returns to Melinda and offers her a cheque of $10 million, thanking her for all she did for him. Melinda apologizes for listening to her siblings and getting a divorce from him. She seeks for him in his penthouse where she tries to seduce him only to find out he was already engaged to Diana.
In her rage, she hunts the couple down, burns Diana’s wedding gown, also resorting to cyberbullying. Melinda goes further to sue Robert for using her to succeed until the Judge finds Robert innocent and even warns her against threatening the couple.
She misses the wedding thanks to the thoughtfulness of her siblings but vows to make their lives misery.
The deranged ex-wife finds her way to their honeymoon yacht and shoots Robert. While trying to hack him into bits with an axe, she is dragged by the vessel’s anchor into the cold night water where she drowns.

The movie is divided into five parts. Each focusing on a part of Melinda’s hateful feeling. Enough of the long story.

Here’s what we think;

Earlier on, we may think of Robert as a terrible person. Melinda was young, she was naive whereas, Robert seemed to know what he was doing. However, fifteen years is more than enough time for anybody to change.
When we meet Robert fifteen years later, we do not see any trace of his former self, except for his perseverance. So judging him based on his youthful years would actually be unfair.
When it became clear the batteries won’t work, he was willing to drop them and pick a job. He was just focused and we admit that when we get too engrossed with our dreams, waking up is always a difficult task.
When he met Diana again, he could have seen a way out of his misery and financial shackle. This time, Robert wasn’t going to be an opportunist. Obviously he maintained his love for Melinda. When she pushed for divorce, he begged her to stop the divorce proceeding even when it was evident Diana liked him. He was not going to cheat, not again.
It was obvious he had deep appreciation for all Melinda did. Like the Judge said, giving her $10 million was the kindest gesture the court had witnessed. He wasn’t under compulsion to do anything, yet he willingly gave her more than 10 times the actual value of what she claimed to invest.
Melinda’s rage was clearly a show of her failure to accept defeat and deal with the consequences of making a bad decision. She blamed her siblings for leaving Robert when in reality she wasn’t sure what to do.
This in no way is insensitivity to whatever it was she had to experience in the marriage. However, when she decided to leave, she obviously had to accept the consequence. Her refusal to deal with the results of her actions is where she became the villain.

While no amount would cover the terrible things she had to suffer, Robert’s kind gesture was enough window into his real feelings of appreciation for her and her sacrifice.
While the movie has become an illustration of what happens when you labour for a man and things go south, it would better describe what happens when people try to avoid the consequences of their actions. From us, its just a honest review.

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