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Chills At Ziggies

There are one thousand and one chilling spots in Lagos; it is one place with so much going on. And one of these places is Ziggies located in Bashir Shittu Avenue, Magodo. It’s one place where you can relax, have fun, beautify yourself and also exercise. It is amazing how you can never run out of options at Ziggies. There is a salon there where you can make your hair and look good. Yes, sometimes, the hustle and bustle of Lagos can make you forget about your hair, literally. Ziggies would be a reminder not just about your hair but your general fitness. A gym is also available where you can keep fit and burn fat. Sometimes, the running around in Lagos can even further the fat burning process.

Ziggies also has a pool where you can take a swim and relax. I can imagine how many pictures you can take in just one place. Hehehe! Selfie at the pool, gym, salon, restaurant etc . The pool is a very cool place to just chill. After your swim, you can warm yourself up with a hot plate of goat meat pepper soup and a bottle of chilled drink at the bar. Talking about the best of both worlds!! This is not even the most amazing part.

Having fun amidst all the stress in Lagos is very necessary. What drew me to Ziggies is the fact that they have a spot for paintball! Yikes! I mean, getting stained and enjoying it! The paintballing experience is one which is worth it. Uniforms are provided and so are your guns; filled with paints, of course. Two groups fighting against one another to lift a flag. Ah! That kind of game that makes you forget the traffic in Lagos. I can imagine how lit your photo gallery would be during this time.

So yes! With all these stated, Ziggies is definitely a place to be! And of course, it is on the mainland of Lagos.

Location: Bashir Shittu Avenue, Magodo Lagos

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