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Snippet Of Bariga Market

In life, the three basic needs are food, shelter and clothing. Our focus is on where to get this two basics which is clothing and food. Although, more highlight would be on food because that is more which we see in Bariga market. Bariga is located in Somolu Local Government, Lagos state. The market is visited by many people daily. Bariga market is a big market, although you might think it isn’t. As soon as you get to the market, you immediately spot food items being displayed by vendors. You’d see fruits, peppers, rice, meat, etc. As stated earlier, Bariga isn’t just about food items but also clothing even though it’s not as pronounced. Stores with all types of clothing are available amidst food items. Also, there exists atm centers where you can get your cash and go ahead with your shopping.

Bariga is not your typical modern market with shops where sellers settle to trade. It’s majorly filled with spaces and stands. A trader sets up his table and chair at his space and business ensues. But of course! There exists shops too.

Bariga is one tight market! This cannot be over emphasized. Bariga is a market which has little space in between. I mean, consumers can literally be on a queue whilst moving. It’s even worse because cars and motorcycles also pass this same road. It’s a kind of situation where you can easily be hit by a car if you’re not vigilant enough.

That’s one of the problems of many Lagos markets. Whilst buying pepper in Bariga, a young boy is tugging at your arm to patronize him by either buying nylon bags or to blend your pepper. So many things go on there. What do you expect? It’s a market. Asides the fact that it is a tight market, the road is messy and never dry. It’s not a place to wear your best outfit.

I can assure you, you just won’t find that raw taste and flavour anywhere else, not even in the biggest mall.

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