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Bodies Ensemble Part 1

Many would say I am a whore but in my defense, I’m only a young teenage girl with wants.
As I finished WAEC, I really could not wait to go to university. Everyone was on about how they’d slay and win “the freshest fresher awards”. I wasn’t so much of a people person. I definitely wasn’t one to win prom queen or anything.
I didn’t even get invited to prom.
I was quite skinny with a few freckles.
Nobody ever wanted to sit with me in the dining hall. Although I had two girls who always had my back but that was just about it.
Months went by and I was at home focusing on wattpad and a few movies.
Weeks later, news came that I’d been accepted to study law at the prestigious AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY.
Joy filled my heart as I had long anticipated this day.
I had ordered clothes from the best online stores ( the fun part of studying law is you can’t go wrong with black and white). My mum believed that white was so delicate hence the need to purchase a lot.
I got three boxes full of clothes including a few clothes I had sneaked in. I’d fill you in on why in just a bit.
My life could certainly not go on like this.
I filled my head with stories from wattpad. I knew what I wanted.
All the months I was home, no one called or visited except it was a general family visit.
I had to create a life for myself.
I got to school looking better than anyone could’ve ever imagined.
I was thicker. My hips were three times the size I left Regina Pacis with.
My thighs…lord no! Don’t even go there.
My boobs were double Dees.
I got whistles and winks as I swayed my hips around school.
I chose to choose my friends.
I had saved so much money to get myself an iPhone (the gram had to pay for making the former me seem irrelevant in the world). I chose to stay away from a lot of people.
Strategy was to make them beg. Guys got me gifts just to get my number.
I almost never said no but they definitely didn’t get my number.

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