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Everlasting Titanic, Relationships

Lagos, do you love me?
Are you riding?
Aye!!! Aye!!! Aye!!!
Don’t mind me, I just got a little bit carried away by this Drake madness.
I think I’m in love. I Ain’t even kidding.
Forget that.
What’s up? What’s up people?
It’s your girl, Dami Wande.
I’ve got something really different on for today.
I’m going to be doing something on relationships.
Congratulations to Offset and Cardi B, they welcomed their daughter, Kulture on Wednesday 11th July 2018. Hopefully we don’t get any shocking news saying they’ve split!

I really don’t understand how you could paint rainbows on Instagram and Twitter with your relationships and all of your social media platforms and then go all “we are just taking a break”.
For the record, I am referring to G Easy and Halsey. Yes! The duo have split and trust me it was really shocking…still is a hard piece to swallow.
I was quite envious of their love which unfortunately has come to an abrupt end.
Halsey put out a rather short message confirming their split/break up saying:
“I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans. G-Eazy and I are taking some time apart. I’m eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career, and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best. Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time.”
Well, I can’t say I’m happy about this, we fans deserve so much better. Their song “HIM & I” was constantly on repeat the first time I heard it.
If he could say this in a song…if they both knew “But, what the f#@* is love with no pain, no suffer” why would they still split?
But then again as we say “na person wey wear the shoe know say the shoe tight” or something like that. My pidgin is crappy.
The two Haven’t given any information as to why they broke up yet but the fans do have their reason being that G Easy cheated. This thought was fueled by Halsey’s suggestive tweets which were linked to this same song “Him & I”.
Well, all the best to them. Thank you so much guys for litifying our 2017 and drenching the best half of 2018. We still love you.
With that said, moving on to our next couple. Justin certainly shocked Everyone with his engagement to his girlfriend (not Selena Gomez). He got engaged to Hailey Baldwin in the Bahamas while the two were vacationing. A nice way to spark up a vacay if you ask me!

Selena is reportedly shocked by the news and also reportedly believes that Justin is only using this to get her attention, get back at her, show her that he’s ready for commitment.
I’m tempted to laugh but I can’t throw in so many emojis in here.
Congratulations Justin and Hailey.
Just before I wrap this up for you wonderful people, I’m going to look into a few more couples.
CNN host, Christiane Amanpour and her husband, Jamie Rubin have both decided to file for divorce after 20 years of marriage.
Uh…hi guys…if you are still here.
Am I the only who finds this insane?
If you are dating, you are entitled to leave.
But marriage!!! Really!!!
Nobody said it’d be easy.
Not being a judge or anything but 20 years!!!
That’s a whole lot to just give up.
You don’t give up on “till death do us part” ’cause it became hard!!!
That’s the beauty of marriage or any relationship infact; the ability to make it through, come out stronger and better. That’s everything.
Everyone deserves love, most especially Scott Disick.
Sofia Richie allegedly ended her relationship with Scott for quite a number of reasons, one of which is his flirting habit.
Scott, has been known for a lot of bad habits from drinking to “being sloppy and whatnot.
All of those are hard to deal with but personally, I feel he just hasn’t found “the one” yet.
I really do hope he finds happiness.
It’s a Wrap.
I’m sorry if you were expecting relationship advices or anything of sort.
Not today my people, not today.
Don’t do drugs, drive safe.
Live, laugh, love.
Don’t cheat, it hurts!!!

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