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Published on July 30th, 2018 | by Joan Ogogo


Styling Tricks For The Rainy Season

Weather these days has been unpredictable, the raining seasons especially the annoying ones occurring in lagos lately can be so frustrating, a beam of sunshine first and a fierce downpour next (or vice versa). We, too, are annoyed by how we never know what Mother Nature is thinking.

But not to worry, dark days are over. Forget Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter trends, here’s our style guide to surviving this season of rain in all vinyl.

This season is all about the rubber, you heard me! synthetic rubber making it’s way into the fashion world, if you are a minimalist and wouldn’t want to go out looking shiny you can go for a textured material. Don’t be scared to go for it! Wear as a clothing or an accessory or go head to toe in it, you’ve just become the dry girl in the rain, this material makes all that rain slide off your back. Catch me dishing some styling tricks below.


Zipping and unzipping your bag when you have an umbrella in hand is always a hassle. A handy tote bag makes all the difference because you can easily slip your stuff in and out. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the contents getting drenched as the protective layer of vinyl plastic will keep them safe and dry. You can shop for one with small compartments as well so you don’t have to scour through your bag when looking for your small items. Begone the frustration of having your wallet lost in the dark abyss!


Watch where you are going with a Bubble Umbrella. There is a tendency to miss what’s ahead of you and around you when your eyes are fixed to the ground as you try to avoid incoming water puddles. As much as keeping your feet free from mucky leaves and gravel matters to you, your road safety is just as important. With a transparent cover, this umbrella does not hinder your peripheral vision and does its job all the same. A bubble umbrella also provides a more encompassing shelter than normal umbrellas. Equipped with a rubberised handle for better grip and a double rib frame that can withstand raging winds, safely strut in style to your destination


Shorter clothings are advisable when walking under the pelting rain. Cold, damp bottoms sticking to your gams is not the most pleasant feeling. Having a weatherproof skirt, typically made of vinyl fabrics, makes the walk more bearable. They also add an luxurious edge to your outfit with that sleek, glossy finish. If you’re not a fan of that smooth sheen, try embossed or textured vinyl, they do the same trick.


From flats to sandals wedges to pumps you can get a vinyl foot wear, they are known to be long lasting, waterproof and easy to clean . Stuck a number of these in your closet so you can style these vinyl numbers on both rainy or sunny days.

I am sure this posts reminded you of the rain coats you wore to school those days for me the hoodies were cool and I looked forward to a rainy day to slay in my red colored rain coat, this fashion trend is like an upgrade for me and I will totally be limitless in my styling of vinyl. How would you rock yours glossy or embossed?

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