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Bodied Ensemble (Part 2)

I got started on Instagram.
I gave out my handle instead of my phone number.
In less than a month I had over 5k followers with 0 following. The aim was to be like Kim k.
From my perfume to my hair to the clothes I wore, I didn’t need to say much.
Everyone wanted to talk to me.
I got love letters and funny Dms (I think Banky W gave some people courage).
One read ; Funsho big bum bum, chai…dis gal u go kee pesin o
(I think this one escaped a mental home. How he ended up In my school? I have no idea.) My
name was on the lips of many.
I was added to my secondary schools WhatsApp group (of my set of course).
I left immediately.
It’s like all of them have bombs In their heads.
I was finally recognised.
I loosened up a bit. I moved around with the popping kids. The ones that wore addidas
sweatpants with Nike shirts and vans on their feet (how foolish) but oh well… Now for why I
sneaked in those clothes…
When my life was settled,
Just the way I wanted it.
I started leaving school as I pleased.
My guys and I would leave school on Thursday evening and return Sunday morning or
afternoon depending on how nice the weekend was.
We’d go to Lagos (where else was there to go?).
We stayed on the island.
One of friend’s dad was a politician that had way too many houses so we did not stress with
The guys didn’t want to have anything to do with our school girls as I didn’t want to have
anything to do with them.
They got girls from other places like unilag or Babcock (the ones that left school like we did).
The house was packed, we almost didn’t need to go out.

In my opinion, this could pass as a successful house party unlike the dead ones that get hyped
for months.
This faithful Friday, the boys wanted to go clubbing since our Babcock counterparts were
I obviously can’t wear black and white on such occasions. (See what I’m getting at?)
I’m a certified Omo wobe. Don’t even try me.
We arrived at Quilox at 1:45am as the girls were putting on make up for three hours and some
were on third mainland bridge for God knows how long. (Me I know this one na scam but
lemme keep quiet).
I didn’t need to put on make-up. My skin was that glamorous.
The club lights complimented my skin as they graciously moved around worshipping me.
My skin color no be here.
Shout out to Snapchat that made freckles the new cool so my freckles were no longer a
After exchanging pleasantries, I sat down because I didn’t find any one of them attractive.
I was downing liquor in a lady-like manner when my song came on.
Quilox isn’t a top club for nothing now!
The DJ and ambiance was Everything… I mean that’s why it was our zone.
There was no one to dance with so I made snaps feeling like cardi b with smoke endlessly
coming out of my mouth and nose.

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