Published on August 3rd, 2018 | by Dami Wande


Bodied Ensemble (Part 3)

Apparently someone on my snap was in the club.
Thankfully he wasn’t my school boy.
He came over to our table.
He wasn’t so bad after all.
He wasn’t bad at all.
At least he didn’t wear all the designers in the world just to feel cool. He didn’t look like a kid.
We got talking,
Kissing…ok wait.
This was really good.
I dropped my purse with Nifemi(one of the boys from my school).
With my phone in one hand and the soft palms of our sexy brother in the other I was out of the
club and in his car.
It was a bloody g-wagon. It can’t even be the alcohol playing tricks on me. I refuse to believe it.
The kisses got deeper and heated.
You know the thing about Lagos nights is that everyone just wants to catch cruise so nobody
sends anybody.
I was wearing a shirt dress (one of my slutiest outfits) with nothing underneath. What? I came
He was all tongue the way I liked it.
His hands travelled around my dress.
I stopped; why are you shy? Looking at him lustfully.
Without a word said his lips found mine again and his fingers were in my island.
He had no mercy probably trying to prove he wasn’t shy.
I cried in excitement holding onto him tight… really tight.
With curse words flying in the air,

I reached out for his fly.
He knew what I wanted but I wasn’t getting it.
I want to see you again he said as my phone rang.
It was Nifemi.
We had to go. I was devastated but partially excited that this night wasn’t so much of a waste.
We met the next day and the day after that right before I left for school and we were all up in
each other businesses with multiple orgasms and creation of new words as a sign of great
I got back to school really hyped. That was by far one of the best weekends of my life.
We all decided that whatever happened outside school stayed outside school… perfect if you
ask me.
Derek (the weekend guy) and I kept in touch (I mean how could I not). He was a meal.
We got texting and he complained about me not following back on Instagram, at this point he
was no longer charming. He was getting on my every nerve.
I was still me, one weekend can’t possibly change me. I let it slide and he called it pride.
He commented on my eyes (one of the reasons I was considered weird). I had one of those
rare kind of eyes. Why anyone would think I’m weird beats me. I’m a goddess.
He loved my being. He had a fetish for my freckles. To be very honest, no one has ever admired
me this much.
Oh oh oh…he loved my tongue *wink*. I don’t think there was a part of me he didn’t adore.
I personally was a fan of his voice. I really can’t describe it but when I can I would.
He made me do things beyond my imagination.
I became a model for one of the guys in the squad (I saw myself in a new light). I’d send the
pictures to Derek whenever they came in.
His comments drove me insane but I almost always replied with “right” or “thanks”. The shoots
were quite interesting. Bayo was a fun person and great photographer.
They started out as half buttoned jeans and bralets then braless shots with wet white coperate
shirts. Eventually it became lingerie. Wanna know what stage we are in now?


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