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[MUSIC REVIEW] Drake’s Scorpion Album Under The Len

25 Songs, 1 Hour, Thirty Minutes

Ain’t Nobody got time for that?

From Thank Me Later to Take Care to Nothing Was The Same to If You’re Reading this, It’s too Late to Views to More life. I’m happy to tell y’all ( that’s if you never hear) about Drake’s New Album Scorpion.

I’m sure y’all must have been hearing Scorpion SZN, Drake SZN.
Well now you know why.

Over the years, Drake has had a very successful musical career. He has had scuffles with other musicians like MeekMill and Pusha T.
People have questioned what genre of music he’s into.
Drake Aubrey Graham has answered all questions in Scorpion Album.

But the question is who has time to listen to 25 songs in an album?
Yes, Scorpion has 25 songs – Divided into two sides ; Side A and Side B
I know I know most of y’all might not have had the time to listen to all.

Good News! Well your Girl is here to simplify things for you. I have listened to all the songs at least more than 15 times (“Don’t Disturb me when I’m in album mode” – Drake) and I’d give you a list of songs from the album that if you listen to it, you wouldn’t have wasted your time.

So shall we?

Nice For What
God’s Plan
Rachet Happy Birthday
Sandra’s Rose
Can’t Take A Joke
In My Feelings
I’m Upset
Talk up ft JayZ
Don’t Matter To Me (Ft Micheal Jackson)

Note that I’m not zeroing out the other songs, however these listed songs are the ones I feel are the Jammy Jams ( if I’m permitted to use such an archaic term) and you surely enjoy them. The songs have racked up a lot of listeners especially In My Feelings that apparently has a very popular dance-off and challenge.

So listen to those outlined songs and let’s hit up the comment boxes shall we?

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