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Published on August 8th, 2018 | by Dami Wande


Quality Food At Chop Life Restaurant

I got hungry one day and decided to go eat out. I ended up at this restaurant called “Chop Life”. Believe it or not that actually is the name of the restaurant. Chop Life is located 94, Akerele street, Surulere, Lagos. I wouldn’t tell you how I found this place but I’d tell you that it is actually worth it.

I was welcomed by the great ambiance of their outdoor space. The place is divided into two, both beautiful and comfy. You really could get carried away and spend your whole day there. I mean they have a bar, they have quite a number of things running. I got a card from the owner before I left. They run a Bukka joint, a fast food restaurant amongst many others.

When I got to the counter, I had a hard time deciding on what to have but at the end of the day, I had Semo And Egusi Soup with assorted meat in a takeaway pack (there was no way I was going to have rice with all the options I had) I cleared my bill and got on my way.

Another thing I must commend them for, is their space management. It showed that a whole lot of thought and time was put into the business.

Now for my home experience I washed my hands and got down and lord was it goodThey got everything right. It was like I was eating the word precision off of my plate.

It felt perfect.

My tastes buds rejoiced at the taste of every bite and swallow. Being Yoruba, I’m famously known for loving pepper, I’d say it was just rightThe soup wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too spicy. The semo was lumpless, I’m telling you guys, PRECISION. Whoever did the cooking knows the kitchen.

I’d get started on how the meat wasn’t over cooked or under cooked. A lot of restaurants tend to “just cook” because they have mouths to feed and money to make. They usually put quantity over quality then money over the original focus.

Once focus is lost, everything goes wrong.

They on the other hand know what they are doing but I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, I’d give them time and see where they head with their focus level.

I am glad I visited thoughI chopped life and I was happy. So yeah! This is a recommendation from me, Dr. D. Wande (that actually looks good), visit Chop Life ASAP, You won’t regret it.

I’d give them a 3.5/4-star rating, if you ask me. I’d know from my next visit and so would you. You could book them for your events, they run a catering service too.  You could look them up on their website, www.choplifebukka.com. 

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