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Published on August 16th, 2018 | by Dami Wande


[Review] Humblesmith’s Osinachi Concert

My anger with most events in Nigeria, like Humblesmith’s Osinachi concert is the fact that, they feel the need to start whenever they feel like.

On every ticket, poster, billboard and social media that publicized the just concluded Osinachi concert at Eko Hotel on Sunday, the time slated was 5pm but this show didn‘t kickoff till about 8/9pm.

I don‘t even think that‘s the issue, the issue is the fact that, there‘s been a great deal of acceptance amongst the general public on this issue.

The show to me was a display of bland colours.

It wasn’t a dish to be served out to the general public. Just not yet. Maybe, a little more thought should have been put into hosting the show. You dont need to host a show before you “blow” or show that you‘ve blown. Kiss Daniel is an underrated legend, great sound and whatnot and he hasnt had a concert. You get what i mean?

Humblesmith on the other hand (dramatic pause), I personally feel he disrespected the general public by putting on such a boring show. I almost slept off even with all the “music” going on.

The major question that has been on my mind is “WHY????”

The only things missing were Nkwobi and beer, pot-bellied men were not Absent in anyway, I mean how could they be. I mean, with that kind of sound? No way!

Not to be tribalistic or anything… Humblesmith is a mainstream artiste. He does music as a passion and not to please the people. In some life cases, this “do this for you, and not for the world” philosophy is great but…in this scenario? I don’t think so.

Giving his event a pulse by bring Tiwa Savage on stage and dropping that pulse back to a zero was a great risk.

Tiwa savage literally played “god” at the “Osinachi Concert”. She got on stage and gave the audience a show. It was as if she walked in and said “let there be life”. And when she was done, it was like “ok, i’m done. You may go back to being a joke”. She owned the show, the stage, the audience so much more than the host of the show.

While waiting for my ride home, an angry fan yelledHumblesmith no get talent sef na why Olamide no gree come“. I personally feel that, if theres any industry where there‘s supposed to have a family feel to it, its definetly the music industry. I still dont understand how he did “confirm” so many artistes but the ones he did couldn’t come through for him. That was the height. Big ups to Harrysongs and Tiwa Savage for showing up.

When i look back, i think the show would have made it better as a comedy show than a musical show. His dance steps were the same. His outfits all had a dominant factor of shimmer. It was awkward to watch.

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3 Responses to [Review] Humblesmith’s Osinachi Concert

  1. Chris Payne says:

    A bit harsh…..i didn’t see the show but to encourage an upcoming act. Maybe hosting a concert was too soon, but his fans had fun….and if you weren’t a fan, you were probably in the wrong place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is an honest but I think you should give home some credit for taking a risk. Some blame should also go to the show promoters and his Manger for making humblesmith fail.

  3. Dami says:

    Accurate af,i legit slept off mahn

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