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Published on August 20th, 2018 | by Francis Nwani


[MOVIE REVIEW] 12 Strong: One Movie You Most Likely Missed In 2018

 One truth we honestly can’t deny is that we didn’t follow every single movie since the break of the year. So in the rubbles of movies we missed in 2018 lies one gem – 12 Strong.

The storyline is a perfect re-enactment of a story of determination and sheer luck. There weren’t so much hype about this movie unlike the cinema’s big boys. However, when we are done, we’d make you beg to see this movie.

12 Strong is set in late 2001 just after the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. Captain Mitch Nelson watches as CNN describes the devastation on the commercial centre by Al-qaeda terrorists. He returns to the military base to see his 12-man team watches from the sidelines. Fortunately, he is given a secret mission to strike back on the Talibans on Afghan soil.

His ODA 595 Special Forces unit fight against Afghan Talibans without backup or extraction. His is forced to team up with General Abdul Rasheed Dostum, a warlord who hates the Talibans and is forced to take over the country.

Mitch Nelson must cripple the Taliban else there would be a repeat of the 9/11 attack.

In the Afghan wilderness, Mitch’s men are put out of conventional warfare and forced to navigate and fight on horseback.

Slowly but steadily they advance as Mitch continues to reassure his men of their safety even though deep in his heart, he fears death and longs to be reunited with his wife and child.


At some point, he breaks camp with General Dostum but honor won’t let him return home so he charges with his men to conquer the last Taliban stronghold. Motivated by Mitch’s courage, Dostum again joins forces with the 12 and takes over the stronghold. True to his word, Mitch brings all 12 home safe and sound. 

Now all these seems like some beautifully written script until you learn that this movie is 99% real and a perfect depiction of the U.S Horse Soldiers.

Some have criticized the movie for sparing the life of all 12 but then, it’s a true story, since all 12 returned home in real life, the movie just couldn’t make good men disappear.

The team of 12 are on record as one of the world’s first military operation with 100% success. Sadly, since it was a secret operation, the unit received no fanfare upon their arrival.

In all, this movie would keep you on your sit with near death experiences, intrigue and sheer luck. I tell you, it is a must see. You shouldn’t miss it again.

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