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[Movie Review]Everything THE ISLAND Had To Offer

Enclosed in the cube queue of a military intelligence unit, Hamza, a colonel in the army intercepts a conversation between an unknown terrorist and an agent transacting a business deal on weapons sale. Triggered by an overwhelming excitement and eagerness to get the Intel to his commanding officer, hamza makes the most shocking and terrifying discovery of his life.


The Island is a fiction which creates a perception of corruption in the nation’s security. Its characters, situations and story are all fictions and all pure work of arts that will challenge patriotism amidst corrupt influences.

Starring: Segun Arinze, Sambasa Nzeribe, Femi Adebayo and T-Boss.

Lovely day. Isn’t it? We promised you a couple of reviews for Nollywood movies and here’s another one. We got to attend the premiere. Here’s the link below.



We rarely see a good Nollywood action movie, we were amazed when we got to see this movie. The stunts, costume, acting, suspense and transition were pretty good. We actually went to the cinema believing the movie will probably be a below average one, but as it turned out “we weren’t readyyyy“. It pays not to think too much about the plot, and the film actively distracts you from doing so. With a little “pull and tuck”, it’ll have been the best Nollywood movie of 2018.

The soundtrack was also nice.


The sound in some scenes felt like they shot the movie first before recording voices for it.


Well, that’s all from us.

You should definitely go see this movie. It’s a good one, if they can continue like Nigerian movie industry will probably be recognized in no time.

We are rating this movie 5/10.

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