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[MOVIE REVIEW] The Meg: Everything The Movie Got Right

From the deepest pit comes a prehistoric terror – The Meg!

Meet the Megalodon, a prehistoric 75-foot shark existing quietly in the depths below until researchers working with Mana One in the Pacific Ocean decide to venture a step further and beyond what is known to man as the deepest point on earth. After a near death experience with the “unknown”, Mana One employs the service of one of the finest rescue operator. Although the crew manage to escape the depth, they are not the only one to reach surface.

Everything is right with this movie, from the crystal clear pictures to the comedy. The Meg features Hollywood’s finest Jason Statham. I mean, who doesn’t like Jason. If you have issues with his strong British accent, he makes up for it with his unconventional attitude that just makes you sit and wonder who the hell he thinks he is.

Over the years, there have been shark movies and it just send chills down your spines. This for me, is a different experience. Somehow, I am not a fan of the killing spree these creatures go on, I term it as unnecessary and fortunately, The Meg is different.

This movie saves us the horror of watching a sea monster go on an adventure of wanton killing and seeing dismembered body parts litter the screen. That, in way detracts from the suspense of the movie. I’m trying hard to hold myself so I don’t give out spoilers. You should feel what I felt.

Now, for the awesome part, The Meg would leave you asking google if a fish like that really exist. The answer is a resounding YES! With 7 inch tooth and a jaw gap of about 9 feet, the Megalodon are true sea monsters.

When movies try to be honest with the facts, they rarely go wrong!

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