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Four Tips From The VMA To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Everyone wants to be different, to stand out from the crowd, it is either with their style and color of
hair, or how they talk, their choice of clothing speaks even louder. Trends lately has given us bold daring
ways to stand out from the crowd and catch everyone’s attention. The annual MTV Video Music Awards
(VMA) served up some dreamy, gorgeous looks on the red carpet as celebs put their best manicured feet

Sheer, sequins and even feathers featured, while many celebs also opted for beautiful white
suits. If you want tips on how to stand out from the crowd in these daring items then stay put.


Sequins have left the night at the club or with the girls and are hitting the streets, red carpets and TV!
With all that brightness you definitely need sunglasses. Ladies don’t take my word , check out the best
dressed celebrities at the VMA , take a look at golden star jenifer Lopez. For an everyday look you can go
loud or minimal your style will determine your choice, for a minimal look get a Sequin top step the
brightness down by adding a jacket. Go bold with a sexy Sequin dress, throw your hair down wear your
heels and slay!


Sexy is the new confident, women are encouraged to embrace their skin and flaunt it, not for the men (
not necessarily) but to show how confident they are, from Nicki to Rita ora sexy was the theme of the
VMA, you sure could tell that they stood out from the crowd. What we learnt from their perfect styling-
show as much skin as you are confident in under a sheer piece.


Just when we thought it was over , celebrities brought different volumes of fur to the vma and we can’t
get enough of it, if you don’t own a fur piece then you not a fashion person. Go full body fur and tell the
animals to be humble and sit down, or leave it subtle details on any outfit.

Suit dresses

Kylie lead the team of white suit dress wearers on Tuesday at the vma, this is a timeless trend and is
surely going to stick around for long , it is wearable very practical can be styled for the streets, a
corporate event, or the red carpet. Have fun and be playful with this one.

Let’s get in formation ladies, we want to see you in the crowd and know you stand out. You are
beautiful embrace yourself!

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