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A Lagosian's Delicacy

Published on September 10th, 2018 | by Temileyi Iwelu


Afang Soup: When A Lagosian Tries To Widen Out

You actually do need to taste afang soup, in fact it should be your next meal. Afang is a vegetable soup which has origins that can be traced to the Ibibio people of Akwa-Ibom (these people can cook fire itself), but it has become a Lagos favorite over the years because it is financially scalable to any pocket size.

I have noticed that only the Calabar people use the correct ingredient which is the Okazi leave(afang leaves) to cook the soup, others especially Lagosians improvise by making use of Ugwu (the pumpkin leaves).

So If you’re low on cash, you can prepare it with ugwu (pumpkin leaf), but if you’re fine and all that, get afang leaves (okazi leaves).
You will also be needing:
water leaf
palm oil
cameroon pepper
also add:
Dry fish, Stock fish, Cray fish
Ponmo and periwinkles

I’m sure you know most African dishes usually add these so that the soup doesn’t look boring. You know the feeling you get when you deep a roll of Fufu inside any soup and it comes out with tiny pieces of ponmo or dry fish, feels like you just won a prize.

First ground the afang leaf or in the case of ugwu, chop it. Also chop the water leaf. And that, of course is after you must have thoroughly rinsed them both in clean water. Don’t forget to wash your periwinkles and boil too.
Next, heat the palm oil and add onions (you know you need to cut the onions, right?). Add either the grounded afang leaves plus the chopped water leaf or the chopped ugwu plus the chopped water leaf.
Add the Cameroon pepper, ponmo, stock fish, dry fish, cray fish and periwinkles (you can willfully remove anyone you find unnecessary or too financially burdensome from these). Add the meat stock to it too ( this is the liquid you get from boiling the meat) If I need to tell you how to pre-process meat, you probably shouldn’t be making afang soup just yet. Add salt and maggi to taste. Let it cook well.

Serve with fufu, eba or others you might want to experiment with. Use a fork to eat it or just be like me and use your God-given cutlery (obviously i meant your hand).Enjoy your afang soup. You would thank me later.

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