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Published on September 10th, 2018 | by TndT Reviews



Heyyo guys, we know we promised y’all a lot of reviews on Nollywood movies and we have been falling short. We really apologize for that, it is just that the scars some Nollywood movies have given us are just so gruesome. Read till the end to know if Moms at War left us worse or better 😉.

The comedy tells the story of two successful mothers and their teenage children, who write a prestigious exam to be admitted into an international scholars program. However, everything goes wrong when their children have to compete against each other for a place in the program.. In a race to the end, the story spotlights the unwavering love of mothers and the extent to which they would go to secure nothing but the very best for their children.


We need to give honour to whom it is due by saying, Well done Omoni Oboli, Well done Naz Onuzo, Well done Funke Akindele and a big Well done to all the cast and crew members. This is a lovely movie. We thought we were done seeing good Nollywood movies for the year but Omoni Oboli gave us a long run for our money. The two lead characters are so genuine and pleasant, they were so easy to relate with, their actions were that of a typical African mother.

This movie gave us an insight on the strength and sacrifices of motherhood, cheating husbands and beautiful friendship of mothers. All supporting characters also did wonderful, ranging from the ones that appeared in just one scene to the ones we saw in almost all scenes. Abayomi Alvin and Adebukola Oladipupo are eye candies, they played out the high school romance thing very well.

This simple comedy got us giggling and in fits, we choked on our laughter at some point too. Nollywood these days haven’t been giving us movies we can relate to OR even believe that leaves us in deep thoughts but Moms at War takes us into the circle so as to see for ourselves.

This movie was shot in Lagos and it really got us wowed at our city. Lagos is indeed a beauty to behold.

This movie is giving us a push to see more nollywood movies and not really write them off based on so many we have seen so far.

That’s all from us guys. We’ll be back with another review so wait on it.

We are rating this movie 7/10.

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