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[ALBUM REVIEW] Ice Prince Returns With C.O.L.D

Ice Prince Zamani Of Super Cool Cats dropped an EP in early June but there’s a problem, we didn’t Hear anything.
What is happening?
Sigh anyways let me Gist y’all about the album.
The album is titled “C.O.L.D”
8 Songs, 29 Minutes!!!
I’m of the staunchest opinion that he titled it cold because we Nigerians accused him of melting all the ice in his name.
There’s no ICE PRINCE without Features.
Let’s go over the acts; Shall we?
The first song on the EP is Titled “Shutdown” and the act featured is Jethrofaded. Jethro has a really captivating vocal strength. He really broke the ice on that song ( Get it)
Second song Is “Space Funk” and it’s with none other than The Remy Baggins. Signed to Records DK, their current biggest act, he’s making waves as a dance and Edm artist.
Third featured song is Hit Me Up and it’s with Patrickxxlee and none other than our HomeBoy Straffitti. Patrick is signed to Artis Records and has been singing since 2014
Straffiti is an upcoming musician who recently featured in MI’s Yung Denzl album. He’s into alternative hip hop and is a really underground person.
Last Featured act is KSwitch. Dbanj’s baby brother who was a Mohit Star before the group disbanded. We haven’t really heard anything from him up until now. The song title is So High.
It’s really obvious that Ice has successfully used only undiscovered or almost undiscovered acts in this Ep. Could that be why we haven’t heard anything about the EP.
Anyways I just gave y’all the scoop on his new EP.
So go download it, buy or stream either on iTunes or Deezer or even on your local websites.
Don’t forget to tell me what you think about the album.

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2 Responses to [ALBUM REVIEW] Ice Prince Returns With C.O.L.D

  1. Shegz says:

    Lmao she called kswitch “dbanj’s baby brother”
    The review is short and straightforward though ! Nicr

  2. BodeWrites says:

    It’s a dope EP… Although ppeople select on that EP cos Ice switched off on us 1

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