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[MOVIE REVIEW] The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy who Dumped Me” stars Mila Kunis as Audrey and Kate McKinnon as Morgan, two thirty-year-old best friends in Los Angeles,who are thrust unexpectedly into an international conspiracy when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up at their apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail. Surprising even themselves, the duo jump into action, on the run throughout Europe from assassins and a suspicious-but-charming British agent, as they hatch a plan to save the world.

Hello beautiful people of the world. Movies have been dropping like bombs this year and this is one of the grenades. So let’s quickly go on to the review, so as not to bore you too much.


The movie was fun. The first half was great fun. The action was dope, the comedy was there…The stunts were crazy… We feel that even though we have seen a better version of this movie, the comedic power of the two lead is enough to sustain the movie,the power of making or breaking the movie rested with them and they totally worked it out. Kate McKinnon has a great gift of accents and mimicry.

The film highlights the careful production design, with varied and spectacular European locations, the unbridled use of violence and the originality of some sequences.


This movie is a tad too long. The movie runs out of plot and jokes before the end of a two-hour running time, long for a light comedy. Mila Kunis was overshadowed by funny co-star, Kate McKinnon. We feel Kate McKinnon has so much creativity and energy that the circle drawn for her feels too small.

Your loving this movie totally depends on how much you find McKinnon funny. We would love to see this pair again but in a movie better suited for them.

We are rating this movie 6/10.

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