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A seemingly successful vlogger battles with self-esteem issues as she desperately searches for true love and self-worth. In her desperation, she says a prayer and when the answer comes, let’s just say it is not quite what she expected.

Good day guys, we promised you a whole lot of Nollywood movies and we are trying to see them all and please forgive our lateness. So here’s another quick review and this one is on The Washerman.


So guys we never got to see the trailer of this movie, the only thing we saw were the posters and the posters were super attractive(it was in this pretty shade of blue), so we just didn’t know what to expect. The story depicted what successful women go through these day in the search of love, cheating, lies, solitude and true pain.

The actors were seemingly on the average side. We had Instagram stars and musicians in this movie and we learnt a lesson (everyone was not made for acting), they were pretty WACK actors and then some really good ones, we must say Ik Ogbonna is a pretty sweet actor( the way he stammers in movies and makes it seem so real, accolades). Almost all the jokes in the Instagram Bible were used, but I don’t really blame them because like I said the movie is dominated by Instagram stars.

Etinosa proved herself to be one of our Nollywood crier(definitely not a town crier), she was quick to spill tears that we feared she had a remote control for her tear gland.

The soundtrack was quite good but there were some faults with the audio.


The makeup, the makeup, THE MAKEUP!!! The makeup was horrible, it seemed like the vlogger was purposely going against makeup rules(yh, we know there are no written rules) but there are obviously rules everywhere, she kept going all shades of dreaded lipsticks.

The plot was a little weak and was very predictable. Lame ass jokes were also cracked, we felt like smacking them upside their head.

This is all from us.

This movie gets a 4/10.

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