The respect Lagosians have for Ewa Agoyin is beyond words. Going a week without ewa aga..." /> Ewa Agoyin: A Lagosian Masterpiece - Lagos City Review

A Lagosian's Delicacy

Published on September 24th, 2018 | by Temileyi Iwelu


Ewa Agoyin: A Lagosian Masterpiece

The respect Lagosians have for Ewa Agoyin is beyond words. Going a week without ewa aganyin is impossible especially for students. Considering the local shops, the queue for Ewa Agoyin is usually longer than that of other foods, especially if the vendor knows how to cook it well, it becomes irresistible.

    Few people learn how to prepare Ewa Agoyin because there is really no incentive to know how to make it since there are so many food hawkers and vendors around ready to deliver when we need it. It is usually soft and tastes really nice with its own specific sauce.
How to make Ewa Agoyin:
Some people Use the Red beans while some prefer the white because it gets softer faster.
3 cups of white beans – popularly known as Oloyin
Maggi cubes

And for the sauce:

1 teaspoon of dry pepper
2 pieces of Cameroon/Ghana pepper
1/4 cup of dried shombo pepper –
Palm oil
The sauce is usually dark, almost black and very oily –
And it is crunchy to taste.

Pick the beans to remove dirt.  Boil the beans with a lot of water and leave on the fire till it gets really soft the way we want it. Make sure you add a little maggi to taste. When the water finally dries, use a wooden spoon to mash the beans against the side of the pot till you get that creamy and soft taste.

For the sauce:
Put the palm oil on fire and let it bleach. Once the palm oil is dark brown , put chopped onions into it. Make sure the cooker is on low heat so that the onions doesn’t burn. Add the Cameroon pepper first , then add the blended pepper(shombo).Add crayfish , salt and Maggi to taste. Keep frying till the color gets darker and the sauce crunchier .The aroma will definitely blow your mind.

Ewa agoyin can be eaten with Agege bread, Yam, ogi(pap) and even Eko
So what are you waiting for, get the ingredients and cook your own masterpiece in your kitchen or head out to the streets and visit the stall of one of our dear “Mama Put”.

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  1. Asot says:

    A Very nice article… Keep up the good work… The Lord is your strength!!!!!

  2. Femi moses says:

    Nice one ma’am. This is really a necessity for campus students. Not just campus students though. Keep up the good work👍👏.

  3. Timothy Ayodele says:

    This piece is on point, good one @Temileyi

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