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Published on September 25th, 2018 | by Francis Nwani


La Mode; Vogue And Vanity

La Mode; Vogue and Vanity is a fashion/runway event that was put together by the executives of the Association of Medical Students, University of Lagos (Yes, MEDICAL STUDENTS!!) on Friday the 21st of September, 2018.

Let me start with the usual question though, are we ever going to start an event at the slated time in this country? The event was slated for 4pm but didn’t fully kick off till about 5:40pm and then it dragged on for a bit too long 😒. Oh well…


Looking beyond that, it’s hard to find many other faults with the show. The first impression upon entry into the hall was enough to get you searching for a seat to ensure your eyes were well fed all through the show. The monochrome theme was a very good touch and whoever was in charge of the lighting actually understands that color wheel thing they taught us back then in school. In short, the venue was beautiful.

Now, was the show itself as beautiful? YES!! From the DJ (DJ Ace, the key to the turn up), to the stunning models (I found a few new potential Boo-s 😍), to the exhibitors and all the way to the crowd in attendance, it was all a well put together orchestra.

Did I mention that the exhibitions were fabulous? Well, I’m saying it now, they were fabulous!! Some of my favorite designs include (but are not limited to before people come for my head 😏) Isreal Dia Collections – the newly signed SBA designer 🙌🏽 Clyde Harris (they pulled off a Wiz in Milan look!!), Antonia Beryl’s Kimonos, The Nature Series by Akin Edition, Vibe of Design, Titan Durags, Seriously…. I’m going to just list everyone at this rate 🤔 I can almost picture people imitating some of the styles showcased (Please dears, it’s not everything you can copy)


This was the first edition of the program and I must say, it didn’t even feel that way. There were a few glitches here and there, but the overall smoothness of the entire show displaced the thought of all that, maybe. I did hear a few people say there could have been a bit more control and order. The vendors may also have suffered a mild lack of attention, lol, some of them left their stands to watch the show too.😂

Do check out a few clips from the event here

 hopefully, there’ll be a more detailed video later on.

Pictures Courtesy @manneshotit & @_senography

Were you at the #LMVV2018 ? What are your thoughts? Do leave a comment on this post!!

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  1. Selina says:

    The show seemed really nice.
    Will there be a second edition?

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