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Published on September 26th, 2018 | by Tosin Fadaka


Apple Vs Everybody: OS Comparison

Over the years you’ve always had or heard arguments about which is better; “iphone or Samsung” or “Iphone and kinikan(fill in the gap). Well today I decided to take my time and slowly explain to you why neither trumps the other and why it depends on your user preference and not because it is big man phone (lets stop the jokes about sugar daddies and apple iphone abeg, there are very expensive android phones out here too)

Okay so in terms of user interface, the iphones as we all know are preloaded with apple’s own ios(cue applause) while we have the Microsoft phones carrying windows, then the most popular after apple sha, Android.

The iOS is the official operating system for the iphones and we all know that unlike the android counterparts, the customizability is limited unless jailbroken (to jailbreak your device means to void your warranty, please don’t do it unless you know what youre getting into). The iOS is also closed with open source components i.e not all source codes of the iOS are available to developers. It also is very difficult to do file transfers thus your files are more safe within your reach I guess but note that media files can be transferred using the itunes desktop app. The iOS also offers very exlcusive apps like iMessage, Facetime and then the normal third party google apps and it is sort of very hard to encounter security problems like malware.

The androidOS which is open source based on kernel, UI, and some standard apps was first released September 23, 2008 by Google. It’s more or less a better OS according to my preference but I cannot decide for you. The Android OS due to it’s open source has made customization very easy which is why we have very different versions of Android based on regions and device companies. The android allows you access to more applications that might offer the same features the iOS exclusives offer which might not even function as well but the thought counts right? It is also possible to transfer all your media easily at will sha

In terms of speed, the iOS beats the Android and other interfaces hands down, but then it should be noted that the difference could be in how app publishers develop their apps for both platforms. But in terms of customizability and sharing, the Android OS trumps the iOS.

So it all boils down to what you the consumer wants, do you want a fast limited environment or do you want an environment you can customize to the last bit?

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