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Published on September 28th, 2018 | by Tosin Fadaka


The Beast With An Unbreakable Screen: Samsung Galaxy S10

Rumor has it that a beast is set to drop next year to celebrate Samsung’s 10th year anniversary. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to break the technological world by my standards based on reports on the upcoming Galaxys10 lineups relayed to the world by Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh.

Why We Call It A Beast

Based on his report, it looks like there may be three versions of the lineup also confirmed by multiple inside sources referred to under code name Beyond. We should be expecting to see three different models sporting 5.8-inch display, 6.1-inch display and 6.4-inch display respectively but we’re not bothered about screen when it comes to Samsung abi. Although previous news of a patent has revealed a completely bezel-less display which doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea anymore since the Oppo find x started making waves.

The best part about this upcoming announced device is a major concern of all of us sha, we all know how expensive their screens can be based on testimonies of users just like myself sha, anyhow Samsung has hinted at the release of a flexible OLED screen to be sported by the Galaxy S10 which is somewhat similar to the display used by the Samsung Galaxy note 9 anyhow I’m talking too much, The koko is the screen is rumored to be unbreakable and even hammer tests have been carried out on the device: you know what that means na (no more outrageous spending on broken screens).

Another good news is that the Galaxy S10 will now have a full 3D camera, potentially equaling the iPhone x experience in terms of Augmented Reality (you’ll start to enjoy AR emoji like the animoji equivalent by apple).

The Icing On The Cake

 I know we just started getting the fuss about 4G and all but the next best thing is out. 5G basically means superfast status updates, super-fast downloads, superfast streaming, I don’t even want to know how Nigeria network will try and mess up with 5G but then it supports it due to the new snapdragon chipset which also means superfast phone too. Let’s all anticipate this beast together because this android knocks the pants off everything else.

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  1. Eli ×_× says:

    Nice Finally an Android device to curve apple back into the abyss from whence she came

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