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Published on October 6th, 2018 | by Abdulhafeez Onitilo


[MUSIC REVIEW]: Wizkid Drops a Non Contagious Fever with a partiality accepted Master Grove

With collaborations like Fake Love (ft. Duncan Mighty) Kana (with Olamide) just to mention a few, it was only fair to expect that Wizkid first official single for the year has to be something that will shake the industry. I mean these mentioned collaborations were super dope, so why won’t we crave for dope single from Wizkid which is why when he first announced that he will be dropping his official single on October 1st, fans were super excited.

From dropping one single, Wizkid made the anticipation more mouthwatering when he decided to make it two singles and October 1st now became the most anticipated date of the year though due to Nigeria independence celebration people were already looking forward to that day but for we music lovers, it was all about Wizkid.

Fever was the first single Wizkid had talked about before deciding to drop Master Grove along with it. Now let me say this, critiquing Wizkid has never been something easy for me, there are times I hear Wizkid and I be like, mehn, this kid is good and there are times I just want to smash my audio device because I’m disappointed in the crap I’m listening to.

First off, there is nothing feverish about Fever, neither is it contagious in any form, as a matter of fact, this is probably the worst song I have heard from a top artiste this year. This is the kind of song an artiste in Wizkid calibre should call a freestyle and not an official single, this kind of song can only pass if Wizkid is an upcoming artiste but hell no, he is an international superstar which is why it such a shame that he still drops this kind of songs. Though I have to say I’m a bit impress with the production and melody of the song but the total package itself, is really nothing to write home about and in terms of rating I will give it 4/10.

If Wizkid had dropped only Master Grove, trust me this song would have taken over everywhere, not because it is danceable because Fever is also danceable but this is Afrobeat in its purest level. You can’t help but grove to this song, this song reminds me of Jaiye Jaiye (ft. Femi Kuti) which till today is one of Wizkid best songs, though Master Grove can’t be regarded as that but I will say it close, closer than Fever.

I have a feeling Wizkid listened to Fever one last time and had a feeling the song might not do well, so he decided to do damage control with Master Grove which in a way is now controlling the damage Fever has caused. On a scale of 1-10 I will give Master Grove a 7/10.

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