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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by Abdulhafeez Onitilo


[MUSIC REVIEW]: Seriki Admits Dissing Ruggedman Was A Mistake On Angel

When this song popped up on my radar, I was very skeptical about downloading it, I mean, how would Seriki do a song with Sojay? Like seriously, how would it sound? I wasn’t even ready to guess but then again something in me kept pushing me to download the song which I eventually did and I have to say I’m blown away.

if you don’t who Seriki is go listen to this few songs, Sake Manje (ft. Reminisce), Agbalumo and Ishi Gini (ft. Oriste Femi) and then listen to Sojay’s Chineye, Butterflies, F**k You and then come back and read this post, but if you are conversant with these two artistes then you will understand when I say this was I combination I was expecting to flop but I was put to shame, in fact, a big fat shame.

Early this year I was taking a look at Seriki’s career and I put out a tweet saying he is one of the most underrated rappers, who is unique and gifted in his own way and after listening to Angel, I can beat my cheat anywhere and tell you that Seriki is one bloody gifted rapper that should be respected. The way this song started, I was scared of how exactly will Seriki blend into this kind of song with this kind of beat but from the moment he said mo ni agidi, mo stubborn, mo buru mo kalaI thanked God in heavens for making me downloading this song.

This is a song that shows how talented and versatile Seriki is as a rapper, he told a very dep story in this song, a story that sums up his journey in the music industry and my best line was when he said “awon stupid risk ko wa ti mo ti take, mo bu Ruggedman, was a mistake. One of the reasons why I respect Seriki so much was the fact he was able to diss Ruggedman even though he had not right to but he did and somehow he still manages to have a career after that. Even 9ice that was the original person that had the beef with Ruggedman had a decline in his career from the moment his beef with Ruggedman started but somehow Seriki was able to withstand the heat though is progress has being slow but then again he was able to climb up the ladder.

This will be the first time that Seriki will publicly admit his wrongdoing towards Ruggedman and I’m not sure there would have been a better way to do it than doing it on this song. This is a different Seriki sound and yes before I forget, credit must go to Sojay too but my biggest surprise was listening to Seriki flow perfectly on this song, it says a lot about how talented of an artiste he is. The rating of this song will be an 8/10 and it will go down as one of my favourite Seriki song.

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