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Published on October 26th, 2018 | by TndT Reviews


[MOVIE REVIEW]: The Bridal Shower

Hello guys, we were in Ibadan over the weekend and we got to explore cinemas in Ibadan. So there happen to be just three cinemas there. We got to explore Viva Cinema and Filmhousecinemas and we will drop how we feel about both cinemas. We are sorry for our self-given leave and we are not fully back yet The Bridal Shower would be our first attempt at a movie review.

Well here’s a brief review of The Bridal Shower and we saw this movie at Viva cinemas.

The first scene unfolds showing a fine boy/Yourba heartbreaker proposing to the girl of his dreams(ok, that’s what we thought too). Tunde acted by Melvin Oduah proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years in the presence of some of her friends (who doesn’t love a sweet love story?). A couple of days later the friends of the bride, “bridesmaids” start planning a bridal shower telling the bride that it’ll probably be the best day of her entire life. We later got to know that the brides best friend is being gbasi fun-ed” by Tunde o, oko ore wa(our friend’s husband). Finally, the day of the bridal shower arrived and they all had major fun until the night when they got back home and one of the 8 girls collapsed and died of food poisoning. Every one of them is a suspect, the main killer locked the house and kept the key. So together, through fights and finger pointing they try to uncover the plot. Who is the murderer? and what does she want?

Bridal shower


So The Bridal Shower started on a not too interesting note, typical Nollywood romance and couple goals but it was quick to spiral into an intense (should we say horror??) movie. This is a tush version of egg of life (well, without the evil forest and evil spirits). Well, and we must say it had a bit of suspense with a plot twist. The plot is not as bad as we thought it would be. The actress was good looking too.


The acting varied from actors that can barely act to actors that just did too much (we all definitely know that too much of everything is bad for the health and well as a movie) far down to actors that struggle to get few lines of English sentences out. The soundtrack was also quite weak (Nollywood rarely considers soundtrack when making a movie, they just pick any song and put it in), the soundtrack of a movie sets the mood of the audience (we miss the mysterious suspenseful beat of those old movies).

We understand that Nollywood is putting in more efforts to make better movies but we hope they try better and more.

We are rating The Bridal Shower 4/10.

Like we said, for this movie we were at Viva cinema, Ring road, Ibadan. This is our first time in Viva cinema, the place is quite nice, nice staff(well except for the security at the door to the cinema hall 😡). The only issue we have with this place is; why is the toilet so far from the cinema? They happen to be sharing a toilet with the whole shopping mall 😡. If in between a movie, we need to pee, we have to run to the toilet and run back which will take about 4 minutes. Nice place though.

That’s all from us, guys, till next time. We love you. 😍 😍 😍

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