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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Francis Nwani


Life At Yaba Market: Our Review(Part 1)

Lagos markets tell the story of a struggling people, a people who by all means must survive but in doing so, have found a way to have fun while at the same time hustling. One such market is the Yaba market.

Located in the commercial headquarter of West Africa, the Yaba Tejuosho market tells very interesting stories that would make you pause and think but then, here at LagosCityReview, ours is to create reviews so we would leave the deep thinking for now and tell you what the market really is like.

To start with, it’s like a moving market. Yes, it expands. During the early hours of the day, the market consists of expensive shops and few traders just behind the railway but when the day grows darker and the taskforce operatives go to sleep, the market moves. Seeing truly is believing.

The market is notable for wears both from traders in shops and stalls to those who pour out their bail on the floor for customers to select.

One cool evening, I took it upon myself to see what is to be seen at the market.

yaba market

Right from the very moment I came off the bus, I started feeling like a superstar ‘bros, chinos and jeans, I get ya size’ if you want to know what you honestly look like, go to Yaba market. Biggie, yellow aunty, fine boy, tallest. Those guys definitely have a name for you.

After I managed to evade those sales-hungry traders, another episode of shoving and pushing began. You are either trying to give way for vehicles or bikes while at the same time, trying not to step on someone’s market.

Just when you think you’re done, you hear traders chanting ‘na mumu dey go boutique, fifty fifty naira by the way I must warn; it is definitely not fifty Naira o. Tell them you want something fifty Naira and you’d wish you didn’t come to market that day.

If you’re fortunate, you’d witness the traders fight. What’s fortunate about that? Well, you get to see that its never really a fight as they always end it with ‘oya e don do, sha give me nylon make I pack this thing’ and that’s the very end. Except of course it’s against a buyer who they feel is no good to their business and then they’d go all out on that person. Brother man, you don’t want to be that customer.

Let’s go over to some practical tips that will keep you safe while in the market.

  1. Never stall. Don’t go about looking confused, for every confused buyer, there is a high possibility someone is coming your way to defraud you because it simply looks like you don’t know what to do.
  2. Keep Your Possession in sight. For those of us with backpacks, we’ve found out that most times, the safest place for our backpacks are actually in front of us. That way, you get to see them. Your wallet too, for the guys, are safer in your front pocket. Once bitten, they say, twice shy.
  3. Avoid following traders deep into the market. Its common practice for some guys to leave their shops and fetch buyers from the open road, even if they claim to have the stuff you need, you are safer without them. I’ve been taken deep into the market that I came out facing Ojuelegba.
  4. Don’t carry excess cash. The good thing is there is an ATM near the market, so you can easily withdraw almost the exact amount and spend, like with every market, too much is never safe.

We cannot say all there is to be seen and heard at the famous Yaba market so we’d return very soon with a sequel to this article.

Use the comment section to share with us your experiences at the market and we would include it in our next article.

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One Response to Life At Yaba Market: Our Review(Part 1)

  1. Elizabeth Erekosima says:

    Yaba market!!!
    The last time I was there, I was actually passing by. I got to yaba to get a bus going to unilag while passing by this trader( Obviously a guy) started harassing me because of my shape and it was really embarrassing.
    I felt irritated but what could I do, I just had to take the nearest bike to my destination.

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