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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Francis Nwani


[MOVIE REVIEW] Johnny English Strikes Again

We all love comedy. We live in a tensed up world and comedy is just what we need after a really hectic day. When it comes to comedy, the Johnny English trilogy has always been up to the task.

Johnny English Strikes Again continues with Rowan Atkinson as the MI7 agent Johnny English. This time, he starts off as a geography teacher but I am certain what he was actually teaching was everything except geography given the behaviour of his students.

Again he is called to serve his country and take down a man responsible for several cyber attacks. As usual, he annoys everybody, from his superiors to the attacker. Its a long but definitely funny story but in the end, as always, English saves the day and protect his country and the world in general.

What We Like About The Movie

Rowan Atkinson is famous for his role as Mr Bean in the Mr Bean comedy series and it just happens that he carries that same comic character to a very serious movie. In terms of seriousness, we can rank the movie plot with James Bond and Mission Impossible and it would fit perfectly. Now the brain-buster is Johnny English is actually a comic-action movie and it just works perfectly. You get both sides of the coin at the same time.

Johnny English

The movie also exposes the flaws of Virtual Reality. If we are not careful and act like Johnny English, who by the way is never careful, we just might be acting out what we see in VRs in the real world.

In the recent past, Rowan Atkinson has been the object of so many death hoaxes and Johnny English Strikes Again shows us just how much life is left in that man. It’s like his comic level never drops. We just can’t but admire such professionalism.


The Little Wrongs We Might Overlook

The longer a franchise last, the tougher it should become, that’s what we expect, following the Mission Impossible standard, but on this, Johnny English got it wrong. I, for one, feel Johnny English Reborn had a stronger and tougher storyline than the latest, but then, all the naughtiness of Rowan Atkinson made up for it.

johnny english


Like it was said in the very first instalment, he knows no fear, he knows no danger, he knows nothing.


I can assure you, it would be worth the stress.

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