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Published on November 15th, 2018 | by Joan Ogogo


Accessories Trend For Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Lagos Fashion Week 2018 might be pretty much wrapped up but we are going to be dealing with the aftermath aka trends for a while. The event brought about new fashion inventions to add to the already fashionable season. Among those are accessories off the runway. See our top picks!

Fluffy Pillow Purses (Tokyo James Woman)

The debut of the Tokyo James Woman collection brought about a full range of powerful and statement-making looks. What is more striking is the huge fur pillow looking purses used as accessories. We are not sure how that’s going to fly in real life but it is definitely worth the sight!

Animal Print Bucket Hats & Purses (Tongoro)

The contemporary designer made designs to suite every modern woman. To corroborate this modern mantra, the brand tapped heavily into the snakeskin trend but with a feminine twist. As a result, bucket hats and purses made from the print ruled as accessories from the collection.

Scarves (Style Temple)

The designer brings Parisian-chic to Lagos, Bold geometric sunglasses and silk scarves are the accessories used to match her clean palette collection. We think it is a very thoughtful concept.

Headpieces (Nkwo, Ejiro Amos Tafiri)

These headpieces at the Lagos Fashion Week 2018 definitely proved to be the highlight of the collections. Designers like Nkwo and Ejiro Amos Tafiri all infused headgears into their designs. Talk about, bows, Ghana-must-go inspired pieces and hats. These headpieces are definitely statement makers that won’t go unnoticed. Now the question is which one of them would you rock?

Colourful Hand-beaded Bags (Lisa Folawiyo)


The designer has been teasing everyone for the longest with colourful beaded bags and it totally made sense that it came as the major accessory from her print-filled collection. It is definitely a winner!

These designers are pushing for accessory updates. We want to know which one you think suits your style the most?

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