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Published on November 21st, 2018 | by Abdulhafeez Onitilo


This Is Why Gucci Snake Is Wizkid’s Most Disappointing Single

I mean why won’t we? Slimcase was blowing really hot at the moment, killing all collaborations he was on and Wizkid had just dropped Soco, a very hot shaku shaku song, so for music lovers, this was the song to be heard but days turned into weeks and months and somehow Gucci Snake disappeared from the radar.

Then sometime last month, we receive a leak snippet version of the song and the buzz was back on the table and today after waiting for months we have received the original version of Gucci Snake and we have to say we are highly disappointed. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not a totally bad song, if it was just a normal song with the regular hype we could have liked the song better but this is The Gucci Snake, the song that took close to four months to release, no way, this shouldn’t be what we waited that long to hear.


Gucci snake

First, let start with the beat, this is totally a sampling of Soco, you can easily sing the verses of Soco on this instrumental and it will flow perfectly. Yes Wizkid was more lyrical on this song, I mean, the song has two full verses with little repetition of the verse which is very rare with Wizkid these days but what killed the song totally was the missing verse from Slimcase.

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Yes you heard that right, after the intro of hello saintsamiganja, 36million ti mo ti mo gbe si abe chair nko, Gucci Snake ti se kini, o gbe 36 million mi, saintsamiganja, starboy on a manya diet Slimcase was nowhere to be found on the song till the end when he repeated the same lines as the outro hook. No offence but Wizkid killed Slimcase star on the song, you might think there is nothing there but considering the level Slimcase was when this song was supposedly recorded you would expect Slimcase to at least probably take the chorus or have his own full verse which if you ask me, he would have killed it. If Slimcase had taken the chorus or a verse I can bet it with you, this might be the collaboration of the year.

If this song was released when the hype was loudest maybe we might forgive the fact that Wizkid just used Slimcase to sell the song because from the way I see it, that’s exactly what played out here, which is very disappointing, Wizkid doesn’t need Slimcase to sell a song to us, he is very much capable of doing that. In 2018 where shaku shaku is the most danced tune, you do a song with the one of the major artiste that made the shaku vibes blow and you reduce him to someone that will do intro and outro alone, mehn that just sad and disappointing, no offence.

The rating of the song will be 5/10 because this isn’t what we expected to be honest.

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