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[MUSIC REVIEW]This Is Why You Should Give Iyanya’s CREDIT Another Listening

Project Fame Winner, Iyanya has been having a tough time gaining his footing in the music industry but his new single titled Credit might just be what he needs.

Since leaving MMG, Iyanya music career hasn’t really been smooth, yes he had some couple of good songs, at least Up To Something ft. (Don Jazzy x Dr. Sid) was a big boost for him and not to forget that the Signature EP he dropped during his alleged signing under Mavin Record, contained some pretty good songs, I have to be very honest self.

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But with all honesty, Iyanya popularity has really gone down and this is because he doesn’t have hit song anymore and his career almost crashed after his “alleged” departure with Mavin Record. Just for the record, I put out a tweet when I heard that Iyanya was signed to Mavin, I said for someone of Iyanya status it is not a good move, guess I was right after all.

The Big Deal With Iyanya And Mavin

And yes if you wondering why I keep using “alleged” whenever I talk about his relationship with Mavin, here is why; a report broke out that Iyanya and Don Jazzy had a fallen out and this led to why none of the Mavin artiste didn’t wish him about birthday sometimes last year, this led to a lot of speculation about the relationship between Don Jazzy and Iyanya as people started to wonder if they were still up to something. The end result of this was that Iyanya later put up a statement saying he was never signed under Mavin Record, that he only went to Don Jazzy to teach him how to be a boss on his own and there is no bad blood between them. Though my insider source told me there was an arrangement sort of between Don Jazzy and Iyanya and everything came crashing when the Iyana and Don Jazzy had a misunderstanding.


Why You Should Listen To Credit Yet Again

Away from all that, the Iyanu singer is back with another single and this one is titled Credit featuring Don Jazzy. If you are straight up a fan of Iyanya, then you will like this song straight away but for critics like me, who is not even a fan of Iyanya, we have to give it a second to third listening before we catch the vibes. In all honesty, it is a decent song that can turn to a hit song, if a classic video is used to support it, but for now the song will end up as a popular song and this is all thanks to Don Jazzy, he did not produce the song oooo but his verse had more lyrical vibes and meaning to that of Iyanya (no offence). As produced by DJ Coublon, Credit comes with the usual Iyanya groovy drums and fast pace highlife sound and the chorus is very catchy with line likeomoge send me account details make I credit ooo”, it will be unfair to say this isn’t a good song.

The rating will be 7/10

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