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Published on December 7th, 2018 | by Abdulhafeez Onitilo


Music Review: This Is Why MERCY By 9ice Is A Song You Should Listen To

First of, let me say a big thank you to my friend who called my attention to this song, without you na so I for sleep on this song, thanks bro.

I will be straight to the point on this one, no long story at all, I have said it times without number that since 9ice dropped his ID Cabasa album, the 9ice of Gongo Aso and Gbamu Gbamu was fully back, to underrate him will be at your own loss, like I said no long story here so let get straight to the point.

First of let me start with the production of this song which was done by Olumix, it’s like Olumix keeps getting better with every song he does with 9ice, I once said that 9ice should go back to ID Cabasa for his production if he ever wants to reclaim his throne but after listening to how superb Olumix production has been so far, I will say 9ice is in safe hand. The way the drums, the flute, the guitar and every other instrument played on this song blended together was so distinct that you could hear them perfectly without each one clashing or overlapping on each other. Olumix did a perfect job on this and I think it is time we begin to rate him.

And let’s be honest when you have a dope production like this, what is left his a solid flow to kill it and 9ice really came through with his vocals, melody, flows and of course lyrics. Yes I’m talking about lyrics because like I have said before, you can’t do a gospel song and get it wrong. This song sees 9ice asking God for His Mercy, hence the title of the song, he also spoke about how people are questioning his ability to bring home the Grammy he promised when he can’t even win a BET.

With these lyricsOh lord of Mercy, ni gbo wo ni oun ire a kon mi, Oh lord of Mercy, ti won ba pi’n owo e je ko pi’n kon me , when I work I want money, nitori, owo ni mo shey se’ise trust me when I say this is a song that everybody can relate with, except those that don’t really understand Yoruba that much, trust me even at that, you will enjoy the smooth and melodious vocals and the solid production this song has to offer.

My rating for this song will be 8/10.

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