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Published on December 9th, 2018 | by Tosin Fadaka


Why SUNCITY Might Actually Be The Best Collection Of 2018

Many of us have arguably slept on what could actually be the best Extended Playlist(EP) 2018 has to offer. With Suncity, Khalid gave to us music from the music book of the gods because I mean yeah, from the start of the playlist with Track 1 titled 9.13, the symphonies just come together in a melodious army constantly attacking your eardrums with countless musical notes.

The best part feature of this playlist is the versatility Khalid exhibited infusing his taste of pop with R&B because yeah it honestly makes it sound so beautiful. This playlist perfect blend of about 8 tracks gives you the illusion of making your way to “Suncity”. I mean since arriving on the scene with “Location”, Khalid has always been able to give good music with his perfect blend of instrumentals, strong voice and soul piercing lyrics.

Khalid prides himself on versatility so no two tracks are the same although bearing striking resemblances at more parts, this was honestly my best part, the whole build up from Motion just to introduce the track “Better” which definitely made me agree “nothing feels better than this” cue beat. On “Saturday Nights”, Khalid’s juvenile lovestruck songwriting comes to light especially with the line “All the things I know, that your parents don’t”. the whole mood set in this song plays the scene of a possible teen love drama. This extended playlist has different features that stand out making R&B singer Khalid somewhat a music god by my standards because hey, this is something I naturally ignored since last month because I never really used to like “the American Dream” as people used to refer to him around me, so you can definitely imagine how I felt when the symphony hit, slowly coursing through my body system. Just get your copy of the Extended playlist and listen all the way down to the end and I can be certain your soul will be set on fire and we will all agree that Khalid Donnel Robinson is a musical genius.

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