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Published on December 12th, 2018 | by TndT Reviews


All The Peak And Pit For Movies In 2018

Hello guys, welcome to Peak(high) and Pit(low) of movies in the cinemas from January till date. This month which is the month of celebration and festivities, we will be giving you a quick rundown of lovely and totally horrible movies we have seen this year. On this weekly basis/episodes, we will be talking about movies that came out in 2018 and we are basically talking about extremes.

This week we’ll be talking about the peaks of 2018

1) The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

 This is a Nollywood movie and we must say it blew our hats off. We never expected what it gave us, which we must say, the best. Everything just blended so well and it is the definition of pure bliss. If you haven’t watched this movie, you should look forward to downloading it when it comes out for downloads. This movie also brought to light, the wonderful actress, Zainab Balogun.

2) Black Panther

This movie was totally worth all the hype it got. A black superhero introduced into the Marvel world. We got stunts, we got humour, we got our African culture known to the world and we were taught major life lessons as well.

3) Game Night

An out of a video game type of movie. This movie is filled with enjoyable comedy, a type of comedy that does not bore you. It has a lot of twist and turns to keep you on the edge of your seats.

4) Avengers: Infinity War

This was definitely the most anticipated movie of 2018. People were so eager to see it. The balance of characters and locations was beautiful. It was cramped but still came out nice.

5) Mission Impossible: FALLOUT

Heard of Mission Impossible before? Yeah, this is the sixth one in the franchise. Tom Cruise performed all his stunts with catlikeness, it feels he was born to be a spy. A real action film, we must say.

6) Moms at War

This Nollywood movie gave us an insight into the sacrifices of motherhood, lovely friendship and comedy. Starring Omoni Oboli and Funke Akindele as the lead roles, what more is there to expect other than the very best?

7) Crazy Rich Asian

An all Asian movie which was a regular Cinderella story but with flawless execution. This movie allows us see Asians in a different light. They do other things apart from kung-fu. It also allows us see in Singapore and lovely Asian dishes.

8) King of Boys

King of boys

 This movie is filled with diversity, parables, religious relationships. Gave us an insight into what is happening in the underworld and in politics. Casting numerous lovely characters, it’s a 3-hour movie that gets you rolling over with laughter and in tears at some point.

If you feel there’s a movie that should be on the list but is not or you feel there is a movie on the list that should not be, you can leave a reply in the comment section below.

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