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Published on December 13th, 2018 | by Abdulhafeez Onitilo


Music Video Review: Timi Dakolo- I Never Know Say

So normally I don’t do this but you guys asked for it and I just have to listen to your request, na because of una we dey here. For those of you that have been following my reviews, you know I’m always about new audio singles but some people said they would like me to do a video review, so here we are, today I shall be doing a review on Timi Dakolo’s I Never Know Say video.

Where do I even start from self, okay let me quickly say that this review has nothing to do with this song itself, it’s majorly about what went wrong and what is good in the video, so whether the song is dope or trash it has nothing to do with how the review will go down, this will be me attacking or praising the director of the video.

i never know say

Now that that’s out of the way, let us begin, I have to be honest I like how this video started off, it is a love song so yes the whole wedding concepts is highly welcome though it becoming more of cliché these days but it still accepted if it is properly used. The video started off with 2baba anchoring the wedding (oh yes lot of big name celebrities full the video), he made the announcement for the couple, which of course is Timi Dakolo and his wife, to come have their firsts dance, then the camera switched to Bovi, who apparently is the Deejay. The camera turn on Bovi eating, he rush to put on his laptop only for he laptop to fall down and spoil, of course Timi Dakolo was mad at this but his father Ali Baba came to the rescue when he told him about the Sunshine and Ogogoro Band, Timi wasn’t really in support of this but the band started to play and the rest became history.

Like I said I like how the story started but once the band started to play, I lost interest in the video, the video went upside from there, this is a love song and not a comedy soundtrack so I really don’t understand the forceful comic Frizzle N Bizzle were trying to put into the video. Let say the video was just the band playing and Timi Dakolo and wife were dancing and Sound Sultan with other guest were just spraying them money, it would have been better but no, the directors turned the video to the soundtrack of a no funny comic scene.

Minutes after the band starts to sing, they took us to a scene where Nedu dropped from a taxi and was angry about them not inviting him to the wedding and was having this not so funny conversation with Timi, before they showed Nedu once again toasting a lady at the wedding, I was like wtf, because at this point I was lost on what the concept of the video was about. I mean this is supposed to be a video about a couple that is getting married why show us all these distractive scenes, taking us away from the couples, it didn’t just make sense at all.

What I expected and what would have made more sense was if after the Deejay screw up, Timi Dakolo takes the mic and do a surprise singing for his wife better still instead of the whole wedding concepts, why not do a concepts where by Timi and his wife are on a date and Timi Dakolo decides to do a karaoke song for her, that will be more romantic and more fun and would even go in line with the whole concepts of the song.

Music videos are supposed to make you like and appreciate a song better but this music video as directed by Frizzle N Bizzle will only make you dislike this song and that is the honest truth, so for me this is a no no no.

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