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Published on April 11th, 2020 | by Dami Wande



There’s a list of things that I would randomly crave. Pizza is definitely not one of them. Dodo Pizza most definitely changed that.

My Dodo pizza experience is one that I can’t ever forget even if I tried, I can’t even complain so much about it. The only problem I had was a parking problem. It took my friend and I more than 7 minutes to park but! everything after that was perfect! Once we were inside, everything was spot on: From the guy at the door to the aesthetic of the building to the hygiene of the staff to the lady at the counter who made small jokes and was incredibly good at convincing us to try out one of their “deals”, to the taste of the pizza, to my friend’s reaction when the pizza hit his taste buds etc… everything! I’m telling you! every single was done right.

They even asked for feedback from us which made it seem like they actually did care for us. I was happy. Left the place with not a single regret.

I mean for someone who isn’t a fan of pizza on a normal day to eat a whole medium size pizza? C’mon, They did everything right. You can’t imagine my joy knowing that I’d converted a non-foodie into a sucker for pizza (my friend). We were pleased.

Dodo Pizza

OH! I almost forgot, when my friend couldn’t finish his box of pizza, one of the staff offered to help pack it in a takeaway pack/box. I think this for me topped everything up.

I commend the staff of Dodo Pizza present that day and I really hope that the quality of the pizza and the service doesn’t go downhill.

This is the address of the branch I visited- 393 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo Yaba 100001, Lagos

Order up:

Call: 0905 549 3311


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  1. Vainblackboy says:

    Oh wait , so you mean to say it’s the actual pizza they sell ?? Not an infusion of plantain to make pizza??? Hmmm interesting , I would stop by then . Always had the notion that it was made with plantain and I didn’t want that to ruin the idea of pizza I had mehn so I never thought to visit.

    • Dami Wande says:

      my dear! i thought the same thing before i decided to pay them a visit. i didn’t taste any dodo oooo. They sell actual pizza. This opinion is a popular opinion apparently. lol

  2. Niyi says:

    Dodo pizza is awesome. Domino’s fancy bread and and stew definitely has competition

  3. Vain says:

    Oh wow , so wait , are you saying they sell normal pizza !??

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