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Published on April 16th, 2020 | by Dami Wande


Oxlade Proves That Love Conquers All With Away

Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, otherwise known as “Oxlade” is a smart budding artiste that needs no introduction. The talented singer dropped his debut EP titled “Oxygene” a while back with “Away” as one of its tracks.

Oxlade did a spectacular job with Away. The young artiste did not drop the bar with this thrilling video. The video was shot by one of the budding visual geniuses of our time, TG Omori in Cape Coast.

The “Away” music video was filled with vibrant colours and patterns. It portrays a fun love story through the goofiness of a young couple who try to get away together despite all the warnings from family and friends.

I smiled virtually throughout this video because there was a sense of true love. I can personally relate to the hide and seek. Watching their own love story unfold most definitely brought joy to my heart.

In one of the scenes which was backed by the lyrics “I don’t really care if you’re older”, Oxlade sat on the laps of his lover which is a reverse of the love story most of us are used to. At that point! Ladies and gentlemen! I was mentally squealing, laughing, jumping…I was like “Yes! Dazzit!!! Dazz actually it! awon twitter feminists would love this”. This is most definitely something that they’ve got to love.


I personally loved the fact that Oxlade was really enjoying himself throughout this video. Another thing to commend is the decency of this video; there was barely any skin showing, there was no use of vulgar language, there was literally nothing in this video that you wouldn’t approve of morally. It was full-on cuteness overload all through. No demoralization whatsoever.

The video quality was excellent! My God! we need to hand it to TG Omori for not disappointing us. I’m really impressed by the way directors such as TG omori; Artistes like Oxlade are redefining music as we know it.

This song qualifies as a hit; the beat was great; lyrically, Oxlade did a good job and concept-wise, you already know what I think. The video concept matched the lyrics of the song; the location was perfect. In my opinion, the artiste’s personality was a major boost for this video.

The general message for me is that love conquers all and is not a respecter of age.

To watch this video, kindly hit the link below:

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