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Published on April 20th, 2020 | by Tomiwa Andrew


LCR Art Review: Meeting With Futuristic Wole Kehinde

Meet the creative director of Indesign Studios; Wole Kehinde. The Mozart that paints with electronic devices and as simple as it sounds I wonder most times when consuming his art if it involves getting your hands dirty nonetheless why does this artist feel the need to not be covered in paint bathed by palette bowls or does he?

The word ‘digital’ has been ominous in recent time and the immediate future especially in business, trade and communication, there is a race to be won by whoever is first to adapt and take advantage of that new tech system. We are always with our mobile gadgets, work with systems(PC and digital)  and also engage leisure through digital media. So why can’t you enjoy that deep art digitally from a reliable artist/ medium like Wole/google art application respectively?

Wole’s works are already ahead of present times and it is basically up to us to be receptive of it because his art is perfectly suitable for homes, Offices & walled interior designs. It is easy to imagine Wole comfortably adapting to virtual reality and AI. 

The artist also peppers his craft with skills, accreditations and more than a decade of experiences. LCR had a conversation with Wole and here is what we spoke about;

 When & How Did You Start Honing Your Talent?

 Well, I would say that art has been a God-given talent which I was lucky to discover right from childhood. I had severe interests in aesthetics and art-based creations so I took it closely and decided to stick to it from high school and then pursued studying art at the University. I went for Graphics major in Visual Arts and earned my Bachelor in Arts with other related professional courses online like the Shaw Academy.

Did You Grow Up In Lagos?  If So Where And How Was It Like?

 Most of my life has been within Lagos. I grew up in Kosofe Local government area, precisely Oworoshoki area. It is a semi-rural area not so developed at that time before moving to core parts of the city. This was a good influence on my career as it made me understand both parts of the country and life in general, the ups and downs.

 Tell Us About Your Creative Studio- “Indesign” And What Makes You Truly Different?

 Indesign Studios is a private group of two major companies conceived in summer 2014 and it is solely administered by my humble self. The first part of the Indesign Studios deals totally with receptions and commissions related to Premium ads, Press ads, Campaigns and Art directing for other Ltd companies and individuals. The other part is ArtBaseLuxe, this is a subsidiary of Indesign Studios and it consists of an online gallery and store for the digitally curated paintings produced by me.

I would like to let you know just two fun facts about my digitally curated paintings. Firstly, the medium on which the final product is finished allows the artwork to last for more than 2000 years underwater, this depicts its value and authenticity. Secondly, is the pictorial view of these artworks when displayed on a wall. They are flexible in presentation as they are abstract in rendition; this allows them to be placed horizontally or vertically whichever way the consumer pleases.

Wow That’s Great. Where In Lagos Can We Find You?

You can find me mostly around Maryland axis. My location depends on the project at hand.

Has The Industry Been Receptive Of Your Distinct Art Form And How Do You Keep Up With It?

My targeted audience is mostly outside Nigeria and they have been largely receptive to my works in every way. This has been my goal to avoid the predominant limitations in the art industry within the country. I give glory to God for how far I have come and hope for many more to come.

Any Challenges Faced Relating To The Lagos/Nigeria Market As A Whole? 

As mentioned above the Nigerian market has never been a point of concentration. My works are sold in foreign currency at a minimal rate precisely in the American US dollar and the British Pounds Sterling; regarding the platforms on which they are featured. Targeting majorly art lovers, Interior designers and Realtors outside the country.

 We Know COVID Forced Isolation Is Affecting Everyone. How Is It Affecting Your Business And How Have You Navigated Your Way Around It?

The pandemic situation has not affected me nor my business in any way. As my usual routine to work and curations have been indoors all along. This also applies to sales of my works, they are moved via various platforms online as well as individual patronage. It has been an added advantage because of the increase in awareness online due to the lockdown. We only pray for those affected and hope that it ends sooner than expected.

 What Important Message Would You Like To Give  Budding Artists Out There, Looking To Be Self-sufficient Through Art Like Yourself?

Well, I don’t feel superior to or self-sufficient than any other practising artists out there especially within my home country Nigeria. I believe we are all in the same race and I would only recommend that we keep our vision in our faces and hold on to our creator to attain our desired goals in health and wealth.

Well Said. Lastly, Any Major Plans Post COVID?

Looking forward to launching a mini-gallery here in Lagos this year ending and Paris, France by 2022. Also, there would be a couple of exhibitions held in Remington Cir. Burleson, Texas USA by summer 2021. Collaborations with Switzerland based artist by name Ricow would be released and I am as well going diversely into the incorporation of ArtbaseLuxe and its elements with Interior Design and like companies. God helping me.

To see more of his paintings, Follow him on IG: @ArtbaseLuxe

LAGOS this is someone to keep a good eye on. We Try Our Best. 

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  1. Bliizzy says:

    Very good read. Wish him greater heights

  2. Hilary Chukwumah says:

    Nice one !!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  3. Oluwakemi says:

    So true that there is not really a market for ‘art’ in Nigeria. What can be done to change that

    • Tomiwa Andrew says:

      Thank you kemi.

      Firstly we need the government and art institutions to work together in creating an enabling environment for art to thrive. Aftewards it is up to everyother citizen to be openminded towards it.

    • Tomiwa Andrew says:

      Thank you kemi. Firstly it upto the government and art institutions to create an enebling environment for art to thrive afterwards it is up to us as nigerians to be open minded towards it.

  4. This is a good one..👍

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