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Published on May 19th, 2020 | by Dami Wande



Working from home definitely put a hole(s) in various sectors of the economy across the globe, the entertainment industry inclusive. Adebanjo Boluwatife Daniel, popularly known as Bliizzy in an interview with us revealed that he has been even more productive this period and hasn’t let the pandemic affect his craft and creative process in any way.

Bliizzy released his latest track, “Fallout” earlier this year which in my opinion is a ‘TikTok-able’ song but it also kind of has to “grow on you”. It attempts to keep your feet off the ground but isn’t persuasive enough. However, this ‘vibe’ isn’t an uncommon one as we have felt over the years with songs like “GHETTO LOVE” by Wizkid amongst many others.
The good thing however is, when it eventually grows on you, and believe me it will, you might have to call the neighbours to stop you from dancing.
The “youngin” as he calls himself begs to differ and says he has been proud of the reception so far. He went further to describe the experience as “beautiful”.
But before I spill all the tea, here’s how the conversation went.

Q: Can you please introduce yourself?
A: Alright, my name is Adebanjo Boluwatife Daniel but I go by the name Bliizzy.
Q: Before we go into anything, what has working from home been like for you? The lockdown has been tough on a lot of people and even with the partial ease, it hasn’t been easier for some others?
A: Usually, I live with boys so it’s not so different from being in an actual studio. I lock myself in my room so I’m very comfortable creatively and record myself. When it’s done, I have one or two people with good ears come listen to the fire but since the pandemic, it’s just me and sometimes my bro with my process. I still go to a proper studio though, nothing can beat that. But you know, when I have a quick idea or when I need to send a verse out, I use my own set up.
Q: What inspired your name? How did you choose it?
A: Blizzard. That’s what inspired it. It’s a storm that wipes out everything standing in its way and that’s how I like to see myself.
Q: Interesting but I was wondering if there is any particular reason why there’s an extra “I” in your name. Is there?
A: Yeah, funny thing is I was running with “Blizzy”, that is, with one “I” until I figured someone else had that in France or somewhere and he had about four albums as at then, so I had to make a switch plus with the two I’s it’s more trippy and artsy.
Q: I noticed that on many other platforms your age is undisclosed, do you mind telling us how old you are?
A: Different people have different assumptions so I’ll rather leave them guessing. So most of the time, my answer is “old enough”.
Q: What’s the one assumption that amused you?
A: 23 laughs
Q: Are you younger?
A: Definitely
Q: Is there anyone else in your family that’s into music?
A: Yeah, my cousin.
Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Well, no. Got my first guitar in SS2, still have it but can’t play.
Q: When did you decide that music was it for you?
A: At some point in uni (university), I just decided that “this is what I want to do with my life”. Although, I started going to the studio in JS3. Back then, the passion was there but I was just doing it part-time.
Q: What’s your major genre?
A: Afro-fusion/hip hop.
Q: If not music, what else?
A: Engineering or I’ll be making money and be famous somehow, trust me. I just know. I going to be mad influential and it’ll happen one way or the other.
Q: Is there anyone or anything that has influenced your sound over the years? What’s influencing your music currently?
A: Yeah, I listened to a lot of Phenom, Kendrick, Jcole, Wizkid, Olamide, Skailey Mental, Drake but these days, youngins influence me a lot. A lot of bad boys doing great stuff.

Q: What do you do for fun asides music?
A: Basically, sleep, chill with my guys, eat and use my phone. I don’t really go out much unless it’s necessary.
Q: What’s your creative process like?
A: Well, my creative process is really fluid. There’s no set process for me. It changes every time but always produces something beautiful.
Q: How do balance school and your career?
A: Honestly, it’s really hard but I’m trying my best to reduce the damage on each one.


Q: Your latest track, “Fallout”, how’d you describe it and how has the reception been so far?
A: Fallout is a feel-good dance single that wasn’t initially planned. Got to the studio one evening with Kannon and in 30minutes, the fallout was ready and it sounded too good to not drop. The reception has been beautiful, to be honest, more than any song I put out before but there’s still more to be done and more ground to cover.
Q: Could you tell us a bit about GVNDM? I noticed that you’ve mentioned it in your tracks and your posts.
A: GVNDM is my signature as a brand, something you hear on a song and know it’s me. It’s also the name of my clothing brand. I’m big on streetwear fashion and hope to do it largescale someday soon. The first collection of shirts is out already.

Q: Have you written any song for anyone other than yourself?
A: Yeah like four but they haven’t been released plus I like to write off the scene, get paid and deep.
Q: Have you worked with any other artiste?
A: Yes actually, I have worked with Tsuni, MI, YusufKanBai, Damayo, Mojo, Dtruce, JoelProdigee and lot of other great people.
Q: What was creating “Ejoya” like?
A: Creating Ejoya was a very sweet experience and a different one because I was in a house filled to the roof with creatives and different setups for recording. I mean, we had about 4 or 5 setups in different rooms, so everywhere you go, someone was recording or creating something. I also got to make a few great connections.
Q: How many songs do you have so far?
A: Unreleased? About 50. Released? I really don’t know. I’ve lost track.
Q: What’s your most epic moment as an artiste?
A: Getting flown out to Abuja to perform and sharing the stage with my idols. I mean, people I only see on TV, people I grew up listening to, I opened for them. I was ecstatic.
Q: Are you signed?
A: No, not yet.
Q: Any reason in particular?
A: I haven’t gotten a deal that works for me. You can’t really be signing anything these days, lotta shady deals outside.
Q: Who do you hope to feature in the future?
A: Everybody! Everybody that makes good music and music I can connect to?
Q: Do you have any message for the “youngins” as you called them earlier?
A: I’m a youngin too, I just want us all to keep pushing and spread more love amongst ourselves. The love is there and it’s beautiful! In the end, it’ll all make sense eventually even if it’s doesn’t seem so at the moment.

Well, there you have it beautiful people of Lagos, to get more from Bliizzy and to stay in touch, follow @thisisbliizzy everywhere.

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